Due to the length of today’s post, I have edited it to better suit the front page.  The draft picks will be listed here by brand at the top of the post, and the in-depth analysis will be found after the jump.  This is done in Real-Time, so click your browser’s refresh button every 10 minutes or so for the latest picks!


The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh
Ezekiel Jackson
The Hart Dynasty


Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Chris Masters
Rosa Mendes
Montel Vontavious Porter

Full analysis of the 2010 supplemental draft picks, after the jump!

12:01 PM – RAW receives The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh

I thought Khali was taking time off, yet we saw him last week on RAW, and now he’s a part of the Supplemental Draft along with older brother Ranjin.  That’s a dud of a first pick, isn’t it?

12:15PM – SmackDown receives Chavo Guerrero

Chavito and Uncle Eddie really made their name on Friday Nights.  Perhaps a reinvigorated Chavo Guerrero is in our future?  Probably not.  Expect him to feud with Rey Mysterio until the end of time.

12:25 PM – SmackDown receives Cody Rhodes

Man, this is tedious over the most lame picks possible.  I’m enjoying the presence of Melina and Howard Finkel in the WWE Universe chat, but come on, let’s up the talent on these picks.  Here’s hoping Cody doesn’t get lost in the shuffle on the blue brand.

12:45 PM – RAW receives Natalya

If she weren’t the manager of the Unified Tag Team Champions, this would be a big deal.  Of course, I’m definitely expecting Tyson and David to switch brands in the next couple hours…

12:59 PM – SmackDown receives Chris Masters

Yup.  That’s gonna get me to buy SmackDown tickets.  NEXT!

1:15 PM – RAW receives Ezekiel Jackson

The last ECW Champion is out injured.  That’s another great draft pick, right there.

1:30 PM – RAW receives Goldust

No Rhodes reunion on the Blue Brand as RAW picks up Cody’s big brother.

1:45 PM – SmackDown receives Hornswoggle.

Ugh.  I could be sleeping right now.

2PM – RAW receives JTG

An interesting pick, for the sheer fact that former partner Shad is a guest in the WWE Universe chat at the moment.  Other than that, blah.

“We’ve just recieved an update from The Chairman’s office …. JTG has NOT been sent to Raw. He is staying on SmackDown. We apologize for the misinformation.”

2:20 PM – SmackDown receives Rosa Mendes

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…  Next please.

2:39 PM – RAW receives The WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty

See, I told you – and Natalya happens to be the guest in the WWE Universe live chat right now.

3 PM – SmackDown receives Montel Vontavious Porter

I’m done caring about this guy.  He hasn’t done anything.  And now, he’s back on SmackDown with the final pick of the 2010 Draft.  Whoopidie Doo.

That’s it, folks, one big pile of “meh.”  Yours truly will see you Friday for SmackDown.

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