This whole Diva costume contest got me thinking.

Michelle McCool is an army sergeant -Tylene Buck (WCW’s Major Gunns) wants her gimmick back.

Katie Lea is a vampire – Shelly Martinez wants her gimmick back.

Lena is a Ninja – Savio Vega wants the Kwang gimmick back.

Candice, singing badly as Marylin Monroe – Every young blonde pop diva since the glory days of Madonna want their gimmick back.

For the record I missed the next four Divas

Beth Phoenix is a knight – Shawn Micheals’ Survivor Series team wants their gimmick back

Jillian is Batgirl – Molly Holly wants her super hero gimmick back.

Maria is a bunny – Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends all want their gimmick back – not that you didn’t pose for that particular publication.

Kelly is a sailor – Popeye wants his gimmick back.

Tiffany is a nun – The Headbangers want their old gimmick back.

Brie Bella is cleopatra – WrestleMania IX wants it’s gimmick back.

Natalya is a cop – Ray Traylor wants his gimmick back.

Eve is a Ninja Turtle – My 3rd grade self wants it’s gimmick back.

Maryse is a maid – Rosie from The Jetsons wants her gimmick back.

Layla is Princess Leia – Lois Griffin wants her gimmick back.

Victoria is a banana; complete with “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” – Brian Griffin wants his gimmick back

Mickie James is Lara Croft – Angelina Jolie wants her gimmick back.

And the WWE Universe has voted (excluding myself, I could care less) – the best gimmick infringement is…  Mickie James as Lara Croft

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