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It wasn’t that long ago that G.L.O.W. graced the television landscape with a unique product of professional wrestling… and the most significant promotion to feature an entirely all-female roster of wrestlers.

In it’s time and placLogoe, it was edgy, yet satirical and jam-packed full of action. It was unique. And it’s not often I can say that word in the world of professional wrestling. It stood out during a period of television programming that just made sense. The personalities were over-the-top… and it ended far too soon. Everything in G.L.O.W. just clicked.

While the WWF was giving us wrestlers with day jobs, GLOW was giving us superheroes. While the NWA was showing us what men could do without the satire, GLOW was also doing within that realm. LogoThey were doing both.

If you grew up watching shows like Married With Children, you got this show. If you grew up watching The Dave Chappelle Show, you understood what you were watching. If you are growing up now (never stop), you would have loved this show.  Seek it out if you missed out.

As a Bored Wrestling Fan, I think this event needs to happen. You have until August 31st to help them achieve a $5,000 goal. They are already almost there. Let’s put’em over the top, fellow BWF’ers.

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