I hope that we are on the verge of watching the emergence of Alex Riley as a superstar. He seems to be strapped with a rocket to the Oort Cloud (nerd reference #1) and back. Part of me thinks that he can fly limitless space with his God-given talents (if he chooses to use them). And there are still days I wonder if he might be a “work-in-progress.” I tend to have faith that if the WWE is patient with creating him, he will go very far.

But there’s a problem. Who is Alex Riley? Why do I care about him? What exactly has he done before wrestling? He looks exactly like Rob Conway, Sylvan Grenier & Rene Dupree. Why is he different than those guys? He wore a letter jacket? He carries a briefcase Miz won? He used to be Miz’ manservant and now is not? I need a reason to cheer for him that goes beyond his hatred with Miz. It’s not a coconut to the head. It’s not a fork in the arm. His feud with the Miz will not be enough to extend to other wrestlers after he’s done.

WWE, give me a reason to cheer for him. Give him a t-shirt. I’m assuming he must have a personality. Use that. I need to know the time I spend cheering him will be well-used.

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  1. A phrase I often hear myself say when I hear Alex Riley's music hit is "this kid is made." His theme music energizes the crowd. He's got a great personality, a great – if familiar – look, and he's already main eventing RAW on a regular basis. If they let the kid string together some wins and keep him looking strong in this initial feud with The Miz, I don't see why we can't see a WWE Championship run for Riley sometime after WrestleMania next year.

  2. Riley got over with the crowd, and it was impossible to ignore. So the WWE has elevated him enough that he gets the spotlight to a degree. He still comes across as green in the ring though. The trick here is to find a way to hide his weaknesses and grow his character. I agree that he comes across kind of bland right now. I suppose time will tell. The WWE NEEDS to elevate new talent, that much is a given. I agree with Ruff on many things here.

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