I came upon this article, and thought that it was worth sharing. I personally have no way of knowing what is and isn’t true, but if there is any veracity to this at all, this company truly needs to go. Thoughts?



  1. It was an extension of their earlier articles about the shoddy treatment wrestlers – especially the female wrestlers – receive in TNA.

    It is true that Daffney is suing TNA, and it is true that Rosie Lottalove injured her in that tryout match. Beyond that, there is no way to know if the rest of the article is true or just speculation – but to be honest, I doubt TNA wants people even speculating about that.

    I hope Daffney's lawsuit runs the company into the ground.

  2. Enjoyed the article and hope that Daffney gets her day in court. She really is over and an asset to any company. What irks me is that on the comments page a man called Chris Hill is bashing the report in troll like fashion with no proof himself if it is true or not. TNA does need to have a complete overhaul or they will not last past 2012. Unlike "Brand E" they don't have the history and resources to combat and survive this if it all comes crashing down around their ears.

    • That person was banned after posting a particularly offensive comment, according to the author/site admin. I had to fight very hard to ignore his drivel.

      • It really just sad to believe someone who can't take an opinion on what a company is doing and just respect it. Still been reading on how Dixie is stepping down and there is talk of possibly Bischoff taking over in the Presidents position? How would that be better for the product when he has been to do the same with shady dealings and wasteful spending. I fear for TNA's future.

  3. Both this, and the earlier article the journalist has written, were an eye-opener, that's for sure. There was more than one occasion where my jaw was hanging from the sheer disbelief at what this company has – purportedly – gotten away with.

    Just a quick aside – in the first article about TNA's workers; conditions, I particularly loved this quote, because it's SO TRUE:

    "Interestingly, one half of the duo, Simon Rothstein currently works in the TNA U.K office having left his job with The Sun for a position with them. Oh, well: it's not like The Sun had any journalistic integrity to lose anyway."

    As a trainee journalist here in the UK, I can't underestimate how true that statement regarding The Sun is.

    Plus, the interview with Matt Bentley that was quoted, was particularly disturbing:

    "Yeah…There’s no (drug) testing. And until recently…we only just got tested for blood work. Which I think is long past due…you know, the amount of diseases and stuff. And you’re asked to bleed on somebody, you don’t know what your talent has…you know, somebody is carrying something, they’re liable to give to someone else…(that was) the only testing that has ever been done, and that was four or five months ago."

    There are no words to describe how stupid, disgusting, and downright dangerous that is.

    And the part about Angelina Love's concussion at Lockdown (was that 2009? I remember seeing the bout in question) and how soon she was put back into action…

    I think the thing that worries me the most is, I worry for the health of a number of guys who I really love watching perform: Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles… to name a few.

    The fact that it seems pretty common knowledge that TNA are quick to punish performers for refusing to bleed/work dangerous spots says it all, really.

    And, more to the point about Daffney… She is one of my favourite female performers in the entire industry, and it galls me to think of how she has been treated.

    There's no way I could go back to supporting a company like this. Sure, a lot of this *may* be unsubstantiated or unconfirmed, but you know the old saying, right? There's no smoke without fire.

    I'm kinda shocked to say it, but I hope TNA runs straight into the ground. For the sake of their performers, if nothing else. I can't watch this promotion again.

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