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  1. PSA: ‪#‎RAWlternative 2 is May 18th

    That’s right folks, on Kane’s Day Eve, May 18th, Beyond Wrestling will be airing ‪#‎RAWlternative 2. At the same time as WWE RAW airs, hit up their youtube channel to celebrate a true alternative to the often redundant product on television. Click here to go to the page! Want facebook to remind you about this […]

  2. And Kane… And Kane Was There Too…

    Tonight on RAW, Seth Rollins opened the show talking about The Authority’s accomplishments at WrestleMania Play-Button two Sundays ago. He was at a loss for words as to what Kane’s accomplishments were. Being bored (hence the name of the website) waiting for the NCAA Final Four Final to start, I whipped these up for no […]

  3. Smackdown 14/01/15

    This is not a full review. I skipped through most of this. Yay. New time. Great. What you should consider watching…. The opening segment with Bryan was ok. Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman at the top of the hour was actually very good. Rollins was certainly at the top of his game. Heyman is Heyman, […]

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