This is not a full review. I skipped through most of this.

Yay. New time. Great.

What you should consider watching….

The opening segment with Bryan was ok.

Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman at the top of the hour was actually very good. Rollins was certainly at the top of his game. Heyman is Heyman, so you already know he was good. For the Lesnar storyline, it’s worth a look.

Yes, Daniel Bryan returned and opened the show in a one-on-one match with Kane. Then it became the main-event in a tag-team format to be the main-event. But, since it’s Wednesday and Lucha Underground and NXT is on TV, you missed nothing else.

Seriously, don’t waste your time.

I come the future. From a land called “Canada”. You might jest and imply there is no place called “Canada”. I assure you it exists, and here, the WWE is still rather terrible.

Random animated gif:

Just kidding. Fuck this show. Still terrible.

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