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  1. Smackdown 14/01/15

    This is not a full review. I skipped through most of this. Yay. New time. Great. What you should consider watching…. The opening segment with Bryan was ok. Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman at the top of the hour was actually very good. Rollins was certainly at the top of his game. Heyman is Heyman, […]

  2. Smackdown 07/25/14

    Plan H! G’s prediction for the Ambrose/Rollins match last Sunday: “I reallly want this match to happen…uhh so… it won’t. Because wrestling hates me… and God hates wrestling fans, Barks.” Sadly I got that part right. :/ Fuck you WWE. Sadly after that quote, I thought Kane would interfere and bullshit would be had. Turns […]

  3. Smackdown 06/06/14

    The only reason most people would tune into this episode tonight is to find out why Hornswoggle turned on his hair. All this and less, on Smackdown! Spoiler alert! This did not happen on WWE, shocking, I know. Hop on it! (Also: something, something, Seth Rollins)…

  4. Smackdown 05/30/14: Go Away Show!

    Old school hopping time! There’s a PPV Sunday, it’s called, “Rematch”. And there is also an NHL semi final game 6 on right now, which I am watching on my other computer while turning on the abysmal Smackdown episode. If the Hawks win tonight, they will go head-to-head with said PPV for a game 7 […]

  5. Smackdown 05/23/14

    While I am fully aware of the leaked, unedited version of this week’s Smackdown, which has been circulating the interwebs since late Tuesday, this is not based on that version. Why put myself through more than I have to? Seriously? Plus fast-fowarding is much more trouble some. Old school hopping time!

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