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  1. Edge’s week from hell: SmackDown 7/4/08

    Not your typical Fourth of July WWE show.  Sure, they had red, white, and blue ropes.  Sure, there was a Fourth of July Fatal Four Way for the US title.  Sure they opened with a video package celebrating our nation’s independence.  It’s just that, there wasn’t a real party atmosphere last night on SmackDown, particularly […]

  2. WWE Night of Champions review – 6/29/08

    Well, for a while, folks on the World Wrestling Insanity message boards were calling me NostraJOEmas (or, NoJOEdamus if you prefer), because after 7 matches, I’d correctly predicted all 7, including Kofi Kingston taking the Intercontinental Championship from Chris Jericho.  My fellow WWI posters were asking me for lottery numbers and the dates of their […]

  3. SmackDown in real-time, 6/27/08

    I’m awake tonight, and I’m not able to play my Xbox 360 (damned Red Ring of Death), so I’m going to do something unprecedented, at least for our site – a realtime report for the Friday Night show! SmackDown kicks off with a recap of the draft, followed by Vicki Guerrero saying she sincerely hopes […]

  4. Batista bores me on 6/13/08

    I’ll be honest.  I haven’t watched SmackDown in a little while, and as of right this second, I haven’t watched tonight’s episode either.  I’ve got it on my DVR, and am watching the show, so I’m going to do this a little differently than I’ve done with RAW, ECW, and iMPACT.  I’m going to sit […]

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