Well, once again, I fell asleep during Friday Night SmackDown.  This week, Batista hadn’t even been on my TV yet when I fell asleep.  I actually dozed off during a match between the obscenely talented and underpushed Jamie Noble and that Russian guy, Vladimir Koslov.  Ironically, last night in my iMPACT review, I was impressed by another Russian wrestler, Alex Koslov (no relation, I’m sure).  Anyways, the show pretty much centered around La Familia and Vicki Guerrero’s abuse of power.  MVP kicked off the show saying that he’d be happy to go to another brand where they’ll utilize his talents properly, when he’s interrupted by Guerrero, who puts him in a match with Kane.  Chavo Guerrero was booted from ringside during a match between Matt Hardy and Bam Neeley, and referee Charles Robinson was forced to compete in a match against The Great Khali.  Edge offered to take care of Matt Hardy for Chavito next week, if Chavito took care of Batista tonight.

A quick review and overall thoughts of the show, after the jump!

Matt Hardy defeated Bam Neely via Twist of Fate after Bam was distracted by Chavo being ejected.  Chavo blames referee Charles Robinson for Bam’s loss to Edge, and later on, as Edge goes to his fiance to complain about Robinson’s officiating, she had already called him in to deliver the news that he’d be competing.

Michelle McCool, who Mick Foley seems to have a bit of a crush on as he was speaking lines from Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” about Michelle (and trying to pass it off as his own), took on Layla as Natalya looked on.  McCool picked up the win and had a staredown with Neidhart afterwards.  Anybody else get the feeling that if the Women’s Championship doesn’t come to SmackDown in the draft, that the Divas Championship match is going to wind up being Michelle vs. Natalya?

I fell asleep, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, during the match between Vladimir Kozlov and Jamie Noble.  After catching it on DVR, I kinda wish I hadn’t – it was actually pretty decent.  Kozlov headbutted Noble in the ribs as Noble was attempting a high-risk move off the top rope and picked up the win.  Apparently Noble was legit hurt by the finish, though I haven’t heard anything on the extent of his injury.

Kane defeated MVP by countout.  Not that he couldn’t get back in the ring, he just chose not to for some reason.  For a guy trying to get his contract re-negotiated, he sure doesn’t put a lot of effort into actually winning his matches.   He’s still one of the most entertaining guys, both in-ring and on the mic, on the entire WWE roster though.  Afterward, Kane was attacked by Mark Henry.

Charles Robinson, under orders from Vicki Guerrero, is set to compete against The Great Khali.  This guy couldn’t beat Stephanie “Gorgeous George” Bellars at WCW Slamboree 99, and he’s going to wrestle The Great Khali here tonight?  Needless to say, it was a total squash, with Khali getting the win via vice grip submission.  Robinson was stretchered out after the match.

BISCUITS AND GRAVY!  Jesse and Festus are here, and they’re taking on… Deuce and Domino?  Didn’t those guys break up last week?

“Jesse and Festus get the win, and the greasers start brawling with each other, Deuce blaming Domino for the loss.”

Yup, apparently they did.  Against Jesse and Festus no less.  Anyways, the match starts, and Deuce and Domino start brawling again.  Once they decide to wrestle their opponents and not each other, Festus dominates the match, and picks up the win, pinning Domino.  Deuce kicks Domino in the face and storms off.  Foley says that the team of Deuce and Domino “jumped the shark.”

Finlay took on The Miz, as Morrison sat in on commentary, engaging in witty banter with Mick Foley over the popularity (or, in Foley’s argument, lack thereof) of The Miz.  Finlay got the win in this one as Hornswoggle hit Morrison in the knee with a shillelagh, distracting Miz and allowing Finlay to hit the Celtic Cross for the win.

Batista comes to the ring for his match with Chavo Guerrero, but as he’s posing on the ropes he’s interrupted by Chavo’s aunt, SmackDown general manager Vicki Guerrero, who tells Batista that since Charles Robinson was injured earlier in the night, he needed a new referee for his match.  That new referee, is Edge!  Batista is not allowed to put his hands on Edge in this one or he’ll lose his title shot at Night of Champions.  For some reason, they gave Edge a black and white striped ref shirt, like the ones on RAW instead of the blue ones they use on SmackDown.  Anyways, Chavo wins via countout as he was distracted by Bam Neely on the outside.  After the match, he hits a spinebuster on Chavo Guerrero and then goes after Edge, who is saved by Ryder, Hawkins, and Bam Neely.  All five members of La Familia beat down Batista as Vicki Guerrero applauded from the stage and we fade to black.

Another blah episode of SmackDown.  The crowd was pretty much dead, and it’s easy to tell why.  I almost fell asleep again watching it on DVR.  The draft is coming up on Monday, so hopefully a week from now when I’m sitting here watch SmackDown I’ll have some better things to say about the show, but for now, it’s been absolutely boring to me.

What do you guys think?  Is it boring to you too, or is it just me who can’t see anything overly entertaining about the show lately?  Leave a comment or discuss it in the forums!

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