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  1. Smackdown 12/20/13

    “It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Bryan! We could have been friends!” Crab Walk…. That was creepy. And so it begins… Mayor McCheese holds all of the titles with a side of french fries. When I last saw him, he only still had the soda, Mr. White. (P.S. Mr. Pink survived. Deal with it). […]

  2. Smackdown 12/13/13: Go Away Show

    And so it begins. Out Slammy fallout and last ditch effort to sell a PPV. It’s hard to care about this episode of Smackdown, seeing that I have very little reason to care about said PPV and this Sunday on BWF Radio we are holding our own annual awards. Tonight’s episode is nominated for least […]

  3. Smackdown 12/06/13

    Well, here we are again. Yes, it’s Friday. I started off my day driving through the snowy tundra hell that Calgary has become over the last week in search of a drill bit set for my Dad. Then I had the delight of appearing on an upcoming special episode of RWR with Alice Radley. Then, […]

  4. Smackdown 11/28/13

    Ahh.. Black Friday Night Smackdown. I wonder if everyone’s in the concorse of the arena mobbing the merch stand and Barrett Barrage Energy Bar souvenier stand? Maybe, or maybe not. In Canada, it’s starting to catch on too. I swear I saw almost half the country at Gordie’s Bait and Tackle, Hockey Skate Sharpening and […]

  5. Smackdown 11/22/13: Go Away Show.

    Since I have things that force me to only appear briefly on BWF Radio 101 this Sunday, I plan on making this the worst best G’s-non-present Smackdown review ever. It will still be better than the RAW review, of course, but I assure you, it will suck. And no, this is not just a swerve […]

  6. Smackdown 11/1/13 edition

    Well here we go after coming off the heels of an epic Hell In A Cell ppv, well that’s what WWE will tell as they schill the replay, I still don’t know what happened. All I know is that Vacant got screwed, Sandow cashed in and lost, and Punk hit Heyman with a kendo stick […]

  7. Smackdown 10/25/13

    Here it is, the groove slightly transformed, a little break from the norm as I take over the Smack down duties for G for (hopefully) few weeks as he goes Maple Syrup hunting or whatever they do in Canada this time of year. ¬†Why you ask would I take such a daunting task as to […]

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