Well here we go after coming off the heels of an epic Hell In A Cell ppv, well that’s what WWE will tell as they schill the replay, I still don’t know what happened. All I know is that Vacant got screwed, Sandow cashed in and lost, and Punk hit Heyman with a kendo stick to the balls so here’s the B-show fallout:

He’s gonna!…. He’s gonna!… Cocktalk, every Sunday at 2PM EST.

7:40 pm- The WWE app lets me know that Cena will kick out the program. Oh and since today is the fay after Halloween expect it to be a Halloween themed episode.  Speaking of Halloween. Here’s what happened last night At G’s place:

  • G- Are you ready for the trick or treaters?
  • JTGee- Ah yes, it’s great be here with you buddy giving out Kraft Dinner samples and small bottles of Labatt Blue to a all the wonderful buddies andy guy’s here in Canada.
  • G- I just hope we don’t go through it all before they get here.

Showtime! We begin with a slideshow of Cena beating ADR for the World Heavyweight Title. And the just to rub it in they show Sandow’s failed cash in from RAW.  Cena brags about how awesome he is and says if you want some, come get some which bring out these two:


Colter offers Cena a spot with the Real Americans to fight for what’s right.  Cena refuses and is a STAR by insulting the 3 of them and calls them full of B.S. (family show people) Sandow comes out says Cena’s been handed everything to him and calls him a false champion.  Sandow then says that his sole goal is to end the Cena era by any means necessary.  As they are about to attack, the tag champs, Cody Rhodes and Sithdust come to the aid of Cena, planting the seeds for tonights main event ad Vickie Guerrero does.

Shield promo- They are sick of the Uso’s and want to be done with them after tonight.

Highlights of the Uso’s saving Big E Langston on RAW

Match 1– The Uso’s (w/Big E Langston) def. The Shield- post match Big E and Reigns wanted to go at it and were held back.

1st set of trick or treaters– two people come dressed as Jorge and badly as Iron Sheik:

  • G- Wow what an awesome Jorge costume, who is under the mask?
  • Jorge- It’s just me G. I’m too cool to be anyone else so I just dressed up as the coolest person I know. JT is dressed as JT Sheik.
  • JT Sheik- The JT know who the real legend is so he dress up as the legend, now give me treat or go fuck yourself.
  • JTGee- Hey, Fuck You Buddy!
  • G- Now non of that here, we have a long night ahead of us since Smackdown is so shitty JT has to write us bad lines to get thru it. Take your treats and go.

We then see highlights of Bryan making Shawn Michaels tap-out for screwing vacant at HIAC followed by Bryan taking a beating from the Wyatt family. We then see Punk try to fight the good fight  but the Wyatt’s got the better of him too.


JT Hogan: See I’m the true champ Dude Brother!

Match 2-  The Wyatt Family def The Prime Time Players- The PTP tried, they really did.

Hope Halloween treated you well!



2nd set of trick or treaters– two people come dressed as ThinkSoNoyce and JT Hogan:

  • G- JTGee, get the treats we have more trick or treaters, it looks like someone dressed up like Mark Noyce and is trick or treating with Mark who is dressed up as, JT Hogan.
  • JT HoganNoyce- Well you know something Brother, I invented trick or treating.
  • JT Gee- Why do have the WWE title around your waist?
  • JT HoganNoyce- I’m the WWE Champion didn’t you see my picture in the review. I invented reviews. Were the hell is Mavenfan, Whatcha gonna do at Wrestlemania 40 when the largest arms on the internet run wild on you! (then walks away posing)
  • ThinkSoNoyce- As a proper english gentleman, I’ll have nothing of the sort. Can I have my tea and crumpets and I’ll move on. Tally ho.
  • And they leave

RAW recap – Kane going corporate???????
Miz TV is up next!

This animated gif sucks but it’s still better than Miz TV.

Miz TV sucks so badly that even HBK no shows it.  He starts trash talking Super Robot Randy Orton and Orton comes out then I tune out Fuck him. Fuck this segment.

Um no we didn’t. Cena yes, Mysterio yes, but you need to just go away.

Mr. Ziggles is hawking stuff for the online store, because wrestling a match is just so blase.

Match 3- Divas match, nope still nope. ffwd The faces win.

3rd set of trick or treaters– JT Alice shows up in a tshirt with RWR written on it and someone is dressed as Maven:

  • G- JT Alice who are you supposed to be?
  • JT Alice- Like I’m totally Alice Radely from……. what was the name of my podcast, I do so many of them, I forget which one is mine.
  • Jorge (from behind the bushes)- Rational Wrestling Review!
  • JT Alice- Creepy!
  • JTGee- That’s ok buddy up here in Canada we call that neighborhood watch.
  • G- Riiiiight. Have another one JT Gee. Hey you who in their right mind would dress up as Maven on Halloween?
  • Maven then pulls out his phone and starts texting JTGee’s phone goes off.
  • JTGee- It’s Mavenfan dressed up as Maven, who else would it be?
  • Gee- You could’ve just told us yourself, you standing right here.
  • Mavenfan then runs off

RAW rebound- Orton’s coronation ceremony followed by  him being knocked out by Big Show.

Michael Cole interviews HHH and then gives him head or something. I ffwd this crap.

Main Event- John Cena, Sithdust and Cody Rhodes def. Damien Sandow and The Real Americans- Not a bad match, everyone got their moves in, John Cena got the pin what else is new.

4th and final set of trick or treaters- Charles Barkley shows up with someone dressed as JTGee.

  • G- Barkley what are you doing here?
  • Barkley- I’m sorry G, I didn’t mean for my pizza man costume to offend you so much. Cam we be friends again?
  • G- Sure it’s water under the bridge, everything back to normal when I get back. Just done do it again. I’m just trying to figure out why some would come here dressed as JTGee? It doesn’t make sense.
  • JTGee- It’s because I’m such a handsome guy.
  • Guy- I’m not JTGee, I’m EEGtj.
  • JTGee- What the Hell is EEGtj, oh wait nooooooooooooooooooooooooo (JTGee disappears)
  • EEGtj takes off his mask to reveal that it’s Adam West!
  • Adam West- If you want to make him go back to the 5th dimension, you have to make him say his name backwards.
  • Then he runs off.
  • Charles Barkley- Turrible.

Overall-  Worse than last week a lot of fast forward material on this show.  Looks like WWE went back to where they were when G left.  I had more fun writing bWf theatre this week than watching this show. Well that’s all for this week, see you all Sunday and a special thanks to G for the gifs.

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