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  1. Smackdown 10/11/13

    I’m probably going to get heat for saying, “I told you so.” That’s right, on BWF Radio last Sunday (2PM EST), I mentioned that the main event would be a draw, as did a bunch of other people including ThinkSoJoE. Was it worth $55? No. Do you deserve a refund for consuming the whole thing? […]

  2. Smackdown 09/27/13 (Slightly Updated).

    What a horrible night to have a curse. What curse you ask? The responsibility to take out great evil. Through mires of swamp beasts, dungeons of unspeakable undead, and ancient stone structures filled with ghouls I must trek. With nothing but this whip, I will destroy every single candelabra I see in hopes I find […]

  3. Smackdown 09/13/13

    Here we are for a go home Smackdown before Night of Champions. There’s very few matches announced for the PPV, however. Let’s see if they add a couple more at the last minute, or choose to do that unannounced on Sunday. Seriously, this is not the way to garner a buy rate, WWE. Do you […]

  4. Smackdown 08/23/2013

    Well, people tuned into RAW, many in a state of shock and rage from the outcome of Randy Orton’s cash in at Summerslam. Many were irate, as if Ben Affleck had been announced as the new James Bond or something. Boo hoo hoo, go kill yourself. Seriously, it’s all in the story and D-Bry’s over […]

  5. Smackdown 16/08/13: Meh

    Frankly, this is probably the least important show leading into Summerslam we could have. Of any week I take a break doing the review in the normal fashion, this would be it. But, as opposed to posting nothing, I’ll give the results and make note of anything of relevance if necessary. Ready to do a […]

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