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  1. Hey Hey It’s Wednesday!

    Wednesday. The only day in the week where there is wrestling on your TV. Monday Nights are RAW, Tuesdays have ECW. Thursdays make an iMPACT. Friday nights have SmackDown! Saturday Nights are ROH and Sundays are for Pay-Per-View. Where does that leave Wednesday? Luckily, at BoredWrestlingFan, yours truly has completed your weekly wrestling fix. TNA […]

  2. Today aint Wednesday, so why am I here?

    I know, hearing from me on a non-Wednesday, just isnt right, but I have some news, regarding the future of a certain columnist. I havent told anyone yet, and the only people who know are those involved, however, during Aaron Wood’s time off from WWI. RDLee is covering SmackDown!, and … Yours truly will be […]

  3. W is for Wednesday, Wrestlemania and …

    W for … Welcome lads, lasses and haemaphs. It’s me once again, on yet another Wednesday, fresh off Real-Time for WrestleMania XXV. For those who didnt catch it, then read the thread, situated just a couple of posts down. For those that did, then let’s continue. If you remember, my head and my heart gave […]

  4. Wrestlemania 25 LIVE in Real Time!!

    I may not be the best at it, and nobody else may know about it. But, I, is bringing you LIVE, Wrestlemania 25. Just to let you know, the Unified Tag Team Titles, was the PRE-SHOW match. Your winners, and Unified Tag Team Champions … THE COLONS!! Which makes my head and my heart 0-1. […]

  5. Even more ‘Mania thoughts and predictions

    Wait, this isnt Wednesday. What am I doing here? I’ve already posted for the week. Well, it seems that Joe didnt like my (No Wrestlemania column during WrestleMania week column), so I am here to tell you who is winning at Wrestlemania. That’s right, no predictions. I’m telling you, who will win. Let’s begin. Intercontinental […]

  6. Your Wednesday Fix

    New name. Same old dribble. It seems that the folks at, liked my first column, and have allowed me back for a second week, and with this being Wrestlemania 25 week, I’m here to talk about the WWE’s biggest PPV of the year! Or not. For you see, in a little over two weeks […]

  7. Wednesday Night Delight

    The time for mysterious notes are over. Have you ever wondered that your wrestling week, just doesnt seem complete? I mean, there’s RAW on Mondays, ECW Tuesdays, iMPACT Thursdays, Smackdown! Fridays, the new ROH show on Saturdays and a Pay-Per View on Sunday. Why is there nothing wrestling-related happening on Wednesdays? Well, here at BWF, […]

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