I may not be the best at it, and nobody else may know about it. But, I, is bringing you LIVE, Wrestlemania 25.

Just to let you know, the Unified Tag Team Titles, was the PRE-SHOW match.

Your winners, and Unified Tag Team Champions … THE COLONS!! Which makes my head and my heart 0-1.

The opening video shows several superstars telling us which was their favourite WM moment, Good touch, I thought.

The show starts with Nicole Schren…Zinger Burger, singing ‘America the Beautiful’. She cant sing.

Oh, btw, I’m running Real Time here, and posting in the boards at WWI.com

J.R., Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary.


CM Punk(RAW) vs Mark Henry(ECW)w/Tony Atlas vs MVP(Smackdown!) vs Finlay (ECW) w/Hornswoggle vs Shelton Benjamin(Smackdown!) vs Kofi Kingston(RAW) vs Christian(ECW) vs Kane(RAW)

The match begins, Shelton and Christian head outside, everyone else brawls in the ring. Kane and Mark Henry clear out the ring, and start on each other. Christian and Shelton bring a ladder into the ring and take out Kane and Henry. Kofi comes in and dropkicks the ladder, knoking down both men. Kane and Mark Henry now climbing the ladder, until the other six men knock them down. Finlay, MVP, Punk and Benjamin are on top of two ladders, until Kane and Henry knock down both ladders, sending four men flying. Now, Kane’s the only man standing. he climbs the ladder, until Henry knocks the ladder over. Henry sends a ladder flying at Finlay. Finlay ducks, takes out Henry, then suicide dives on those on the outside. Christian, then dives at Kane and Finlay. MVP drops an elbow on the three men on the outside, then Kofi and Punk dive on the four. Benjamin off a ladder dives on six men!! Leaving Mark Henry the only one not to dive on everyone. Henry to the top rope, ready to dive, until Finlay takes him out. Hornswoggle with a step ladder, uses it to climb on Henry’s back, and Hornswoggle dives on top of everyone. Finlay the only one standing. Attacks Kofi in the corner, but Kofiu retaliates, but taking Finlay out. Kofi charges, but Finlay puts the step-ladder in the way, and nails Kofi. Finlay taking everyone out with the step-ladder. Finlay climbing up the ladder, until Kofi jumps up and kicks him off.  Kofi starts to climb, until Henry returns and pushes the ladder over, knocking Kofi off. Kofi almost climbs up the ladder, but he falls at the last step, is caught be Henry, who gives him a World’s Strongest Slam on the ladder. MVP back now, attacking Henry with the ladder. MVP and Shelton now at it. A ladder placed between another ladder and the top rope. Shelton ducks under one ladder, then jumps up on it and after MVP, who counters into a powerbomb. Punk now touching the briefcase, until Christian stops him. Christian standing on one ladder, with the Unprettier on CM Punk off the ladder. MVP now back up, climbing the ladder, until Shelton joins him. Shelton tries a Sunset Flip, but MVP tries to counter. Shelton then throws MVP over the top rope onto Mark Henry. Shelton climbing the ladder, joined by Finlay. Finlay gets throws off. Christian gets Shelton off the ladder. Shelton sets up another ladder, and he and Christian climb up the two ladders. The ladder tilts, Shelton falls off but Christian holds on. Punk climbs up, but gets his foot caught on the ladder. Kane comes back and throws Christian off the ladder. Punk back up, tries to reach, but Kane grabs Punk. Punk kicks Kane off the ladder and grabs the briefcase.


Slim Jim is a sponsor of WM25.

Highlights of the WWE WM Fan AXXess tour. The tour looks huge! It would be a good event to go to, damn you Drow.

Lilian Garcia introduces Kid Rock. Kid Rock performs ‘Bawitaba’, ‘Rock and Roll Jesus’, ‘Cowboy’, ‘All Summer Long’ and ‘So Hott’. He sure looks old these days. But, you have to like the Elvis Costello impression. I apologize if I dont name all the songs he performs in this medley. I’m not a Kid Rock fanatic. The medley leads into Match Two


Guest Timekeeper Mae Young with Candice Michelle. Rosa Mendes eliminated. Leyla eliminated before the match began. Sorry about the lack of detail for this match. i’m just doing eliminations. Someone got eliminated, but I cant tell who it is. Sunny and Torrie Wilson eliminated. Maria eliminated by Victoria. the Bella Twins and Jillian eliminated. Tiffany eliminated by Beth Phoenix. Kelly Kelly eliminated, Molly Holly eliminated. Maryse out. Santino’s in drag. Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Santina?, and Melina left. Michelle and Mickie eliminate each other. Santina eliminate Beth and Melina.

YOUR WINNER: SANTINA!! The next Harvey Whippleman. I think we just found JT’s new bride, now the contest for ODB is over.

Chris Jericho vs Jimmy Snuka, Ricky Steamboat and Roddy Piper w/Ric Flair is next. Trailer for ‘the Wrestler’ plays. Video for the mext match plays.


Chris Jericho vs Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka and ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper w/ ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair’

Mickey Rourke is sitting ringside for this one.

Jericho and Piper starts. Piper spits at Y2J and tackles him to the ground. Piper takes Jericho to the outside, but gets caught in the ropes. Piper untangles himself. Throws Y2J back in, Piper sunset flip and a 2. Piper with a dropkick!! Piper with punches in the corner, Snuka asks for the tag and gets it. Sunka and Jericho now in the ring. Snuka with punches and chops and tags in Steamboat. Steamboat off the top rope, then with a couple of arm drags. Steamboat working on the left arm of Y2J. Steamboat tags in Snuka, and they double-team Y2J. Snuka with a headbutt. Snuka goes for another move but counters into the walls, and Snuka taps out.


Piper in the ring with Jericho. Piper with an eye-poke, then with a sleeper hold. Jericho counters into a running enziguri, and gets the three.


Steamboat and Jericho left. Steamboat with a cross-body off the top and gets a two. Jericho now on the attack. Jericho with a Chin Lock on Steamboat. Steamboat fights back, knocks Jericho down with a Shoulder Block. Steamboat skins the cat, throws Jericho to the outside, then does a Springboard Splash on Jericho. Steamboat off the top with a Clothesline. Steamboat with a roll-up and another two.  Jericho now on the attack. Jericho counters the Irish Whip, Jericho with the Bulldog, but Steamboat dodges the Lionsault. Steamboat with the Powerslam, another two. Steamboat gets countered into the Walls, but Steamboat counters into a roll-up and another two-count. Jericho hits the CodeBreaker! and gets the three.



Post match, Flair in the ring, chops on Y2J, whips Jericho into the ropes, but Jericho counters with a Back Body Drop. Jericho now hits the CodeBreaker on Flair. Jericho grabs a microphone. Turns his attention to Mickey Rourke, challenges Mickey Rourke and wants him to apologize. Jericho eggs Rourke on, calling him a coward and a liar among other things. Rourke comes out from the crowd, and heads toward the ring. Rourke in the ring, and does this count as a match? Rourke fires some left jabs toward Jericho. Jericho manages to get out of the way. Jericho swings at Rourke, Rourke dodges and connects with a left-hook to Jericho. Shades of Wrestlemania 14 and Mike Tyson,as Mickey Rourke knocks down Jericho. Flair and Rourke celebrate in the ring.

Commercial for National Guard.They have commercials on PPV?

Preview Video for Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy.


Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Why is it, that Jeff Hardy always looks like Vampiro these days?

Jeff slaps Matt, then attacks with fists. Jeff and Matt to the outside, Jeff grabs a WM poster, and hits Matt over the head with it. Jeff with a trashcan, but Matt blocks it. Jeff knocks Matt down with a fancy move. Jeff grabs a chair and heads in the ring. Jeff tries Poetry in Motion, but Matt gets out of the way. Jeff attempts Whisper in the Wind, but Matt uses the chair and nails Jeff in the knee, and gets a two-count. Matt now under the ring, and hits Jeff with a vaccum cleaner, and Matt gets another two-count. Jeff tries to fight back, but Matt hits the Side Effect on the chair, and gets a third three count. Matt with the upper hand. Matt bends Jeff’s body around the turnbuckle post, and Matt goes under the ring and grabs a Table. Matt sets it up on the outside, and sets up Jeff for a suplex. Jeff blocks it. Jeff jumps off the ring apron and hits Matt with a Clothesline. Jeff whips Matt into the steps. Jeff, now under the ring, and grabs a Cane and a Crutch. Jeff hits Matt with the cane. Jeff with a trashcan now, sits it on Matt’s head, and hits the can with the crutch, then kicks the can whilst it’s still on Matt’s head. Jeff gets a two-count. Jeff goes for the Swanton but Matt gets out of the way. Matt hits the Twist of Fate but only gets a two. Matt now heading to the top, but Jeff counters. Jeff hits a Superplex off the top. Jeff grabs a chair and connects with Matt’s head. Jeff now, lays Matt up on the table, and lays the chair on top of Matt. Jeff goes under the ring, and grabs another table, and sets it up on top of the first table. Jeff heading to the turnbuckle, jumps and hits a splash on top of the two tables and Matt Hardy. Jeff throws Matt back in the ring, goes for the cover, but only gets a Two!, as Matt gets his foot on the ropes. Jeff under the ring yet again, this time he grabs a Ladder, and puts it in the ring. Jeff sits a chair up, and springs up, off the chair, nailing Matt with a Leg Drop. Jeff now has Two Ladders, one bigger than the other. Jeff climbing up the lower ladder, jumps over the bigger ladder, but Matt Hardy avoids it. Matt Hardy up, and connects with the Twist of Fate on the set-up chair, and gets the three.


During this match, I must say, my food and drink delivery came, so I will be munching and sucking down Pepsi Max for the remainder of the show.

Commercial for WWE Legends of WrestleMania.

Randy Orton prepares for his match tonight.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (c) vs Rey Mysterio

JBL on the mic, talking about his WM moment. Telling Texas how they have no Champion, and no men. Tells Texas they need hope, they need JBL.  JBL bags out Texas, and says that he is Texas’ hero.

Rey looks like Doink the Clown. Either that, or Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Lilian with the champion inductions, when they are both in the ring. The ref going through the rules, but JBL with the Boot to Rey. JBL beats up Rey pre-match. The match begins. Rey with an Enziguri, the 619 and the Splash off the top, and the three.


21 seconds. That’s how long it took Rey to get the victory. JBL is stunned in the ring. JBL on the mic once again.

“I Quit!” – JBL

The crowd wave good-bye to JBL, as he leaves the arena.

WrestleMania is sponsored by the National Guard, and Carl Edwards, fresh from the race at Texas, is in the crowd for WM.

Preview for Shawn Michaels/Undertaker


Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker

We are less than two hours into the PPV, and this the third to last match. The last three are going to go a long time. Also, I wonder what Joe will think of this Real Time report. Considering, that he, will probably be thinking about reviewing WrestleMania after he finishes watching it with his girl?

Shawn Michaels’ entrance is awesome!! It looks like he’s coming down from Heaven. White light backdrop, fireworks, dressed in his white suit. Then, ‘Sexy Boy’ plays, and there he is in his attire. Better entrance than WMXII for HBK. Michaels is from Texas. Taker is from Texas. Hometown advantage goes to nobody. The gong hits and here comes ‘Taker. ‘Taker rises from underneath the stage, like he’s rising from Hell. ‘Taker’s entrance is good as well, but then again, it’s always awesome come this time of year.

The match begins. Both men attack. Taker goes for a punch, but HBK counters into a chop. Both men trying to get the one-up on the other. Michaels with punches in the corner. Michaels whips Taker off the ropes, goes for the right hand, but Taker blockes it, and throws HBK to the top rope. HBK jumps over Taker, feigns an injury, and pounces on Taker. Taker now, with body shots to HBK. Taker and HBK sharing exchanges in the corner. Taker whips HBk into the ropes, HBK does the flip in the corner, bounces back to get thrown by Taker. Taker with a slam and an elbow, and gets a two. Taker wrenching the arm, and delivers his shoulder into HBK. Taker going Old School on HBK! Taker goes for a boot in the corner, but HBK rolls out of the way. HBK starting to get the upper hand now. Michaels with a hard kick to Taker. HBk looking for the Sharpshooter, but Taker tries to block it. But HBK locks on the Figure-Four! Taker trying to fight out of it. HBK getting near falls. Taker fighting out of the move with right hands. Michaels with a dropkicks to the knees, knocking down Taker. Michaels off the ropes, but Taker catches him. Taker and HBK in the corner. Taker whips HBK across the ring, and catches him with a Clolthesline in the corner. Taker hits Snake Eyes, then connects with the boot to HBK. Leg Drop by Taker, then a pinfall … two count. Taker looking for the Chokeslam, but HBK counters with the Crossface!!!!! Taker tries to counter into a pin, but HBK kicks out, and still holds the Crossface in. Taker powers out and counters into a slam. Taker with a cover, and gets a two count. Taker and HBK sharing punches and chops. HBK with the upper hand, whips Taker, ut Taker counters with a whip of his own. HBK with the Springboard elbow. Inverted Atomic Drop, and a second one by HBK. HBK to the top rope, looking for the Macho Man elbow, but Taker is up. Michaels jumps, Taker grabs him and looks for the Chokeslam. HBK counters, looking for Sweet Chin Music, but Taker ducks. HBK grabs Taker’s leg, but Taker counters into the Devil’s Triangle! HBK manages to get to the ropes.

Both men now on the outside, Taker bounces HBK off the steps. HBK now hanging off the ring apron. Taker on the apron, with a Leg Drop, but HBK gets out of the way. HBK with a Baseball Slide on ‘Taker. HBK to the top rope, jumps off with a Moonsault, but Taker dodges and HBK lands hard on the outside. The ref is checking on HBK. Taker sits up in the ring. Taker off the ropes, looking for a springboard over the top rope, but HBK pulls the Cameraman in front on himself, and Taker connects with the cameraman. Everyone is down on the outside. HBK, Taker, the Cameraman and the referee. HBK now back in the ring, but he rolls back outside to check on the referee, and pulls the ref back in the ring, as another ring comes out and checks on Taker. The referee starts the ten-count on Taker, who is still on the outside. Taker trying to get to his feet, the ref gets to nine, before Taker crawls back in the ring. HBK is livid, as he tunes up the band.  HBK goes but gets counters into a Chokeslam! Taker goes for the pin, but HBK kicks out at two!! Taker to his feet, sets HBK up for the Tombstone, but HBK counters, Taker counters Sweet Chin Music into a chokeslam, but HBK counters into Sweet Chin Music. HBK crawls for a cover, but Taker kicks out at two!! Both men down, HBK springs up. HBK goes to pick Taker up, but Taker grabs him by the throat. Taker goes for the Last Ride, but HBK counters into a sunset flip, but Taker counters into the Last Ride! Taker connects with the Last Ride! Taker goes for the cover, and HBK kicks out at two!! Taker heads to the top rope, goes for an elbow, but HBK rolls out of the way. Both men down once again as the ref starts his ten-count. Both men starting to get to their feet. HBK charges, Taker throws him over the top rope, but HBK skins the cat, Taker catches him on the way back up and connects with the Tombstone!!! Taker goes for the cover and …. HBK kicks out at two again!!

Taker drops the straps, picks HBK up, and goes for the Tombstone again, but HBK counters into a DDT. HBK crawling towards the turnbuckle, looking for the Macho Man elbow yet again, and this time he connects. HBK to his feet, and tunes up the band once again. HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music!! HBK with the cover and ….. Taker kicks out at two!! Both men down again, as the ref starts the ten-count.  Both men helping each other up, sharing punches and chops with each other. Taker knocks HBK down with a Boot. Taker looks for the Tombstone again, but HBK counters with more chops. Taker whips HBK into the ropes, Taker charges but HBK counters with a kick, possibly Sweet Chin Music. HBK climbing to the top, looks for a Moonsault, but Taker grabs him and counters into the Tombstone!! Taker goes for the cover and … gets the three!!


Can anybody say Match of the Year?

An advertisement for the WWE Draft! LIVE in 8 days!

Evander Holyfield at ringside.

Preview for World Heavyweight Championship Edge vs Big Show vs John Cena


Edge (c) vs the Big Show vs John Cena

John Cena clones everywhere!! They come out ot his old music. I thought one was bad enough, but this is ridiculous. All the Cena clones make a guard of honour for the real John Cena, with his current music.

Lilian with the Champion announcing once again.

The matcn begins. Cena, straight after Edge. Cena knocks Edge down with a Bulldog, and as Cena goes after Show. Show shoulders Cena down. Show hangs Edge up on the ropes, wishboning Edge. Show now in the corner with Edge. Cena from behind, but Show catches him with a Boot. Show now dominating Cena. Vickie Guerrero in a wheelchair at ringside, with Chavo. Cena trying to fight back against Show, but Show uses his power and throws Cena. Show with a boot, Cena counters, and throws Show over the top. Edge from behind, dropkicking the steps into Show’s legs, then Cena over the top rope onto Show. Edge now, with the upper hand, throws Cena into the ring.  Cena going for his finisher, but Edge counters with a DDT, goes for a cover, but Cena kicks out at 2. Cena knocks Edge out, but Show back in the ring, hits a Slam on cena, and gets a two count. Cena throwing body shots to Show. Cena bounces off the rope, but Chavo grabs Cena and pulls him under the ring. Cena counters and gives Chavo the Attitude Adjustment. Cena back in the ring, and Show is tangled up in the ropes. Cena now after Edge, cena with some moves, and connects with the 5-Kunckle shuffle. Vickie on the apron, gets Cena’s attention, Edge goes for the Spear, but Cena moves and Edge spears Vickie. Vickie lands on Chavo, Cena with a roll-up, but Edge kicks out at 2.

Show now untangled, and attacking both Edge and Cena. Show whips Cena into Edge in the corner, and splashes both. Show going for a chokeslam on both, Cena gets out, but Edge gets the Chokeslam. Cena going for the Attitude Adjustment, but Show counters with a right-hand, knocking Cena out. Show glances at the Spanish Announce Table, but Edge taks down Show to the outside. Edge moves the steps, and with a running start, jumps off the steps, and nails Show, knocking both men through the restraining wall. Edge now, tries to move Show, he can’t, so he focuses his attention to Cena. Throws Cena in the ring, goes for a cover and gets a 2! Edge now, looking for the spear. Edge charges, but Cena counters into the STF! Edge gets close to the ropes, but Cena pulls him back. Just as Edge is about totap, Show grabs Edge’s hand and pulls Edge to the ropes, to break up the submission. Show throws Cena to the outside, then heads to the second rope. Show going for a splash, but Edge rolls out of the way and Show crashes and burns. Cena going for a suplex on Show, he cant help him, but Edge helps and they both suplex Show. Now Edge and Cena, team up and they both Clothesline Show over the top rope. Edge then goes for a roll-up and gets a two on Cena. Edge goes for a move, but Cena counters into a BlockBuster. Cena up the top, Show from behind, pushes Cena and Edge hits Cena with the Spear! Edge goes for the cover, but Show pulls Edge off the pin. Edge now with a Sleeper hold on Show. Cena picks both men on his shoulders. Edge jumps off, but cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Show. Edge comes at Cena, but Cena gives Edge the Attitude Adjustment. Cena with the pin in Show, and the three.


Cena heads into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Ad for Wrestlemania XXVI, March 28, in Phoenix, AZ

Legends of Wrestlemania sponsors WMXXV


Terry and Dory Funk Jr., ‘Cowboy’ Bill Watts, Howard Finkel, ‘the Birdman’ Koko B. Ware, the Von Erich family (represented by Kevin Von Erich), Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Austin’s music hits, and he comes out again, this time on a 4X4, doing laps around the ring, the drives up the entrance way, only to reverse it back to the ring. Austin salutes the crowd with Beer showers in each corner. Austin then heads down to the announce area, and shouts J.R. a beer. Austin wear J.R.’s hat, and they both chug beers. Austin celebrates in the ring, farewells the fans, and drives off up the entrance. Only to salute the fans on the top of the ramp, and then drives off.

Ad for Backlash, LIVE April 26.


Offical theme song : ‘War Machine’ by AC/DC

Preview for WWE Championship. Triple H vs Randy Orton

Triple H heads to the ring, as he runs into Vince and Shane McMahon. They look at each other, then Triple H passes.


If Triple H gets counted out, or gets DQ’ed, then Triple H loses the Title.

Triple H (c) vs Randy Orton

Triple H’s entrance involves him smashing a mirror with a Sledgehammer. Again, another great entrance.

Lilian with the Champion-style announcing for one last time.

Cheers for Orton can be heard, as the match begins. Trips and Orton with a staredown. They go to lock-up, but Trips catches Orton with a tackle. Triple H with punches to Orton on one corner, and kicks in another corner. As the ref tells Triple H that he will DQ him, Orton hits the RKO on Triple H. Orton gets ready to kick H with the boot, but Trips moves out of the way, and connects with the Pedigree on Orton. Both men down, and roll to the outside. Trips catches Orton with a running elbow. Trips pours some water over hsi head as Orton heads to the ring. Tripls now with punches to Orton in the ring, they both head out, but Orton tries to get the upper hand. Orton tries to whip Trips into the ring post, but Trips counters and whips Orton into the post. Both men in the ring, Orton wants Trips to ‘wait’ but trips doesnt abide and continues the attack on Orton. Knees to the head of Orton, then a right hand. Trips off the ropes with another running elbow to Orton. Trips hits Orton again, and Orton heads outside. Trips follows and goes on the attack, but Orton counters and whips Triple H into the ring steps. Orton now, whip another whip, this time, sending Trips over the barricade and into the crowd. Orton staring at HHH, until he rolls back into the ring, and lets the ref start the ten count on HHH. Trips gets back into the ring at 7, and Orton continues the assault. Orton with kick after kick to trips, then kicks Triple H low. Orton then, drives a knee into the head of HHH. Orton with a kick, and the cover, but HHH kicks out at 2. Orton now in the mount position laying right hands into HHH. Orton to a kick to the underarm of HHH, then connects with a Sleeper Hold, but HHH counters into a back drop. Both men back up, and Orton connects with a slam. Orton with the cover, and trips kicks out at 2. It’s Randy Orton and the Chinlock of Doom! time, as HHH tries to fight out of it. HHH to his feet, breaks it up, but Orton fights back with punches in the corner. Now Randy and Trips sharing punches, with Trips getting the upper hand. Orton with the whip to the ropes, H counters and hits a knee. Trips connects with the Face Buster, goes for the Pedigree, but Orton counters and catapults H into the turnbuckle. Trips comes back, counters and gets a two count.

H now places Orton on the top rope. Orton tries to fight back, and drops HHH head first on the top turnbuckle. Trips down, Orton on the second rope, he jumps but HHH gets his foot up. H atacks, Orton counters, gets a 2 count. Orton goes for the RKO but H counters, H with a Roll-up and another 2. HHH connects the Spinebuster. H goes for the Pedigree again, but orton counters. Connects with the Inverted BackBreaker and gets a 2 count. Orton attacks, H counters with an elbow. H off the rope, but Orton counters with a Dropkick. Orton now up, stalking Triple H. Orton setting up for the punt, but HHH grabs the leg. Orton tries to fight out, but HHH, flips Orton over the ropes and onto the floor. H and Orton now brawling on the outside, H bangs Orton’s head off the Spanish Table. H with a monitor, wanting to hit Orton with it, but the ref tells him he will DQ him, so he doesnt do it. H throws Orton on the Spanish table. Sets Orton up for the Pedigree, but Orton counters, and flips HHH over his head, and onto the other table. Orton looking to attack HHH, and hooks him up for a DDT. Orton DDT’s HHH off the table and onto the floor. Orton then crawls into the ring, and the ref starts to count Triple H out. The ref gets to 9, before Triple H can make his way back in. Orton now stomping HHH, several times. Orton goes to pick HHH up, sits him in the corner, and continues to lay punch after punch. Now Orton, this time with kicks in the corner and a choke. HHH trying to sit up, and fires back with right hands, but Orton counters, and throws HHH into the referee, knocking the referee down, then hitting the RKO on Triple H. Orton rolls under the ring, and grabs a Sledgehammer. Orton tries to enter the ring, but Triple H connects with a Punt, knocking Orton down, and giving Triple H access to the Sledgehammer. Triple H nails Randy Orton with the Sledgehammer. HHH then throws the Sledgehammer out of the ring, then starts attacking Orton with right hands. HHH then picks Randy Orton up and hits the Pedigree! Trips goes for the cover and gets the three.


Triple H celebrates in the ring, the fireworks go off, and the recap of Wrestlemania 25 begins.

As the Wrestlemania recap video plays, I will say thank you to all those involved at BoredWrestlingFan.com, to not only give me the chance to post a weekly column (which btw, can be seen, each and every Wednesday),  but to allow me the chance to present, to you, Wrestlemania 25 LIVE! This has been Wrestlemania 25, LIVE in real-time. I have been the one they call “Legend Killer’, stay tuned for various WrestleMania review shows throughout the week, and for my next column on Wednesday.


  1. That was grand, LK! I can't do real-times worth a flip anyway, caertainly not as well as the one that you wrote. I think you just handed yourself another responsibility. 🙂

  2. And you did a better job than Aaron Wood. But then watching paint dry is more entertaining than reading an Aaron Wood article.

  3. Well, in Aaron's defence, he was having massive troubles with the server, and just the flat out busy-ness of the place. But, I'm actually quite surprised of how well I did. Sure, i've done a couple I've written at home, but it gives me something to do, because I cant sit through 3-4 hours of wrestling anymore.

  4. Also, I must add, I found it extremely hard to add some funny bits to the column. I managed to get the JT comment in, and Nicole Schren … Zinger Burger, but that was it. I was disappointed.

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