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  1. RYTMAN’S RECAP – RAW 05/13/2013

    All quotes are courtesy of Twitter @WWEUniverse After a brief recap of last week’s program, we go right to the ring with Jerry Lawler welcoming us to a dance-off.  Jerry introduces FAHN… No, I’m not doing it. We get a look at Fandango’s win over Jericho at Wrestlemania, as Jerry introduces Fandango.  Summer Rae is […]

  2. RYTMAN’S RECAP – RAW 05/06/2013

    All quotes are courtesy of Twitter @WWEUniverse We open with a “special report” of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar “invading” WWE headquarters.  We are shown stills, and told there is more to come later. We recap Ryback leaving Cena to the mercy of The Shield (who has none.) Monday Night RAHHHHHHHH opens with John Cena […]

  3. RYTMAN RECAP – RAW 04/29/2013

    MATCH RESULTS RICARDO RODRIGUEZ DEF. BIG E. LANGSTON & ZEB COULTER – This is a Triple Threat match, with each man representing a superstar in the Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules.  The winner decides the stipulation in that match. The match is basically Big E. brutalizing Ricardo while Zeb hangs […]

  4. RYTMAN’S RECAP – RAW 04/22/2013

    Let’s start with… MATCH RESULTS 1.) R-TRUTH DEF. ANTONIO CESARO – This was kind of a weird match.  Cesaro dominates using his strength and wear-down holds on Truth, until Cesaro misses a clothesline.  Truth takes over with fast-strikes, (mostly kicks,) and gets the win with the face-drop. Rytman Remark: What is with the R-Truth winning […]

  5. RYTMAN’S RECAP: RAW 04/16/2013

    So just a basic recap today, rough morning. Let’s start with… MATCH RESULTS ORTON/SHEAMUS DEF. BIG SHOW (HANDICAP MATCH) – A pointless rematch from Friday.  Brogue Kick + RKO = Three count. Rytman Remark: You know, neither Orton or Sheamus are THAT much smaller than the big show.  The two of them beating him, is […]


    Tonight!  I will once again attempt to cover tonight’s WWE RAW broadcast in real time for you, the BWF faithful. This is the last RAW before Wrestle-Mania this weekend, and WWE’s last chance to sell us on the Big Show. (Not the one in the six-man, although technically…) No, I mean the ENTIRE EVENT!  Will they convince […]

  7. RYTMAN’S RAW RECAP 03/25/2013

    Okay, again this week, just a general run down of the show with some of my humble opinions. First up, match results CHRIS JERICHO DEF. DOLPH ZIGGLER W/AJ LEE & BIG E. – This match-up was booked as a card-change, as Fandango made his way to the ring for what was supposed to be his fifth […]

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