For a while now I’ve been doing the ECW Reviews. I’m pretty sure this is my first non review so check out how I’d book the WWE’s next stop on the Road to Wrestlemania.

This was started before tonight’s ep of Raw.

US/Unified Tag Team Title Match
The Miz & The Big Show vs MVP & Mark Henry
Tornado Tag Team Match

After winning the tag titles on tonight’s show, Miz defends the US title against MVP only to have Big Show interfere. Henry makes the save and we get a tag match booked. But MVP wants another shot at the US title too. The rules of this match are that whoever gets the first pin wins the US title and the tag belts for their team. MVP hits the Mafia kick on Miz but Show chokeslams him. Henry knocks Show out of the ring and Miz is able to drape an arm over MVP for the win.

Winner and still US/Unified Tag Team Champions: The Miz & The Big Show.

ECW Title Match
Christian w/Edge vs Ezekial Jackson w/William Regal

To become the last ECW champion ever. Prior to the match they show Christian staring at the belt. Edge comes up to him and talks about how it must suck to be champ and just have the belt taken out from under you. Christian says it does. But he will be the last ECW champ. He then asks Edge to be in his corner and Edge agrees.

The finish from the Rumble is teased but Zeke manages to power out of that Killswitch as he has all the other attempts. Finally Regal interferes. Christian is going to the top rope against standing but dazed Ezekial. Regal gets on the apron and the ref tells him to get down. Edge slips in and hits the spear on Jackson. Christian hits a diving headbutt then delivers the Killswitch for the win.

Winner and Final ECW champion: Christian

Edge raises Christian’s hand and they hug in the ring

WWE Title Match
Elimination Chamber
Sheamus vs John Cena vs Triple H vs Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs Kofi Kingston

Orton and Hunter start off. Trips is has just delivered the DOuble A Spinebuster when Dibiase comes out and hits him from behind, then delivers Dream Street. The two members of Legacy function as a tag team, but can’t get a pin. Kofi comes out next and they work on him, dividing their attentions so whenever one of the faces starts a comeback they can cut it off. Orton is just about to deliver a punt to Kofi when Ted decides this has gone on long enough. He rolls up Orton but only gets two. Orton gets up and gets in his face. Kofi gets up and hit Trouble in Paradise on Orton for the first elimination. Cena comes in next. He fights Hunter while Dibiase and Kofi recover more. Kofi tries Trouble in Paradise on Dibaise, but he ducks and delivers Dream Street for the pin. Cena sets up an Attitude Adjustment on Triple H but Ted hits him from behind knocking him to the mat face first with Hunter on his back. Ted tries to put the Million Dollar Dream on Trips, but he arm drags out, then when Ted charges he kicks him in the gut and Pedigrees him for the elimination. Hunter then tries to Predigree Cena but Sheamus is out. He pumpkicks him after the double underhook. That sends Hunter down and cause Cena to be butterfly suplexed. Sheamus hits another Pump Kick and then the Irish Curse(Razor’s Edge) for the pin. Cena and Sheamus go back and forth on the area around the ring. Sheamus goes for the Irish Curse on the metal. Cena slips out and Attitude Adjusment’s him back into the ring.

Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

The Abraham Washington Show
Special Guest: Vince McMahon

This is about NXT and the future of the ECW superstars. Vince explains that all ECW guys will become free agents who may sign whereever they like. (That includes NXT so guys like Croft, Baretta and Tatsu can stay. Maybe even Ryder as a veteran bully.)

Divas Title Tournament Final
Maryse vs Gail Kim

Yeah, they delay it this long. The finish comes when Gail comes off the top rope with a crossbody. Maryse rolls through, catches her feet, pulls Gail up with her and delivers the snap DDT.

Winner and new Divas Champion: Maryse

No. 1 Contendership
Shawn Michaels vs Batista

To set up this matchVince gets in Shawn’s face talking about how he’s the cause of all of Vince’s problems with Bret. He talks about Shawn’s ego but he does admit that Shawn’s match with Undertaker amazing. So he tells Shawn he’ll have another chance at getting in the ring with the Undertaker. And if that falls through he might be able to steal the show with Triple H, John Cena, Chris Jericho or Randy Orton. He makes a match between him and Batista to become number 1 contender for the title Edge doesn’t choose.

Shawn goes for the Superkick on Batista but his foot is caught. He’s spun around and Batista spinebusters him. Batista Bomb is set up but Shawn rolls over the top and tries a sunset flip. Batista reaches down, pulls him up and hits another spinebuster. The Batista Bomb seals the deal.

Winner and No. 1 contender: Batista

They then run a package about Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber. When it ends Shawn is still in the ring. The refs tell him he has to leave. So he exits the ring, grabs a chair from ringside and sits near the entrance to watch the match.

World Title Match
Elimination Chamber
Undertaker vs John Morrison vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth vs Chris Jericho

Undertaker, Rey, Truth and Jericho come out and get into their pods. Punk is in the ring. Morrison comes out, then someone wearing a Rey Mysterio mask jumps out of the crowd. He jumps Morrison and slams him into the Chamber and beats him down. Shawn gets up, holding his back but he starts to approach the ring. But Morrison waves off officials and starts the match. He’s dominated quickly but briefly makes a comeback. He tries the flying chuck outside on the metal. Punk sidesteps and rams him into the Chamber and pins him just before Rey comes out. They go back and forth. RTruth is next. Nothing much happens. Then Jericho comes out. Punk sets up the GTS on Rey, Rey climbs down his back and rolls him up for three. Punk is stunned. Then he grabs Rey and GTS’s him before leaving the ring. Shawn leans forward in his seat as Jericho dives on top. When Undertaker comes in Jericho and Truth actually put aside their differences to double team him. Taker fights them off and Tombstones Truth to eliminate him. Taker chokeslams Jericho. But as he does it Jericho blatently and obviously intentionally kicks the ref so he can’t make a count. Outside the refs are opening the Chamber to allow a new ref in. As they’re about to close it Shawn charges to ringside, throws them out of the way and dives in. Undertaker is suprised, and Shawn hits Sweet Chin music on him. Jericho recovers enough to hit a Lionsault and get the pin.

Winner and New World Champion: Chris Jericho

By the way the guy who jumps Morrison is the rumored to be returning Joey Mercury.


    • Yeah. Triple H vs Sheamus for Wrestlemania is a fine match. But with the title on the line? No. And initially I thought they may have tied the Bret Hart/Vince match to Cena/Batista with a stip like Cena winning means Bret gets five minutes alone with Vince. But since they don't seem to be doing that I think they should put the belt on Cena.

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