Let’s play “Where’s Zack Ryder?”

This week on BWFRadio, Joe, Jorge, JT, G, and Mark are joined by Gary Barnidge of the Cleveland Browns to discuss tonight’s WWE Payback event, as well as his charity work and vacation time in the NFL off-season.  David Fuller joins in to talk about the IHWExperience event coming up next Sunday – but he’s taken out by a run-in from RWR’s Alice Radley!  We talk more about the current state of the WWE product with both Alice and David, find out what’s coming up on the Jim Cornette Experience and RWR podcasts, talk about the Cauliflower Alley Club event coming up later this week, and even get some spoilers on some upcoming BWFRadio guests!  Then the show devolves into a food discussion between Jorge and Alice.  What a crazy episode!  Tune in!

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 128 (MP3, 2:34:29)


This week’s break song is Endless Mist of Nightmares by GatoPaint.  Download it here!

Find out more about IHWE at IHWENow.com

Check out Alice’s RWR podcast at RWRPodcast.com

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