Hi folks. Resident Cowtown BWF’er here. I wanted to share a link to an interview Bruce Hart did today on local sports radio station, the Fan 960, with radio sports jockey Rob Kerr. While Bruce has been making the rounds on various podcasts discussing his new book “Straight From the Hart,” this one has a local flavor. It comes to us from BWF follower, and commenter (hopefully future contributor) BaptisBlacktick.

BaptisBlacktick is also from Calgary, and recently chimed in on today’s edition of PUCK YOU! 2.3: Post-Trade-Deadline Analysis, over at Wonderpod-Online. This installment was very fun to do, and I want to thank him for sending this my way. The interview aired earlier today, and seeing that my day job doesn’t allow me to listen to the radio… my thanks to him! I’m listening to it right now as I watch my Edmonton Oilers take on the Philadelphia Flyers. Alright, shameless plugs out of the way…

It’s broken up into three mp3’s for your listening pleasure here.

Or if you’re feeling super lazy (not Super Crazy), you can get the links below:




Speaking of Super Crazy…


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