No, you’re not here on the wrong day.  No, this is not a special edition.  We have officially moved BWF Radio to Sundays!  This week, the BWF Radio Crew talk about Impact and SmackDown, the attention span of the average wrestling viewer, whether WCW was the cause of titles being “hot-potatoed,”  and if Ring of Honor could eventually become a top national promotion on the level of WWE and TNA.  Also, this week you can weigh in on our final question, “Which Pay Per View is the better value for your money this month” on our facebook page.  Ready to listen?  Right Click and Save the link below!

BWF Radio Episode 4!

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The founder of and it’s parent company, Fropac Entertainment, ThinkSoJoE has been a wrestling fan since he first saw WWF television in 1986 at the age of four. His first wrestling memory was Hulk Hogan on Saturday Night’s Main Event talking about getting King Kong Bundy in a cage at WrestleMania 2. Sixteen years later, he met Hulk Hogan on the eve of WrestleMania X-8. On December 9, 2013, he legitimately won a Slammy Award (Best Crowd of the Year). ThinkSoJoE currently hosts the weekly BWF Radio podcast.

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  1. Rob Terry! The second guy (not Jesse Neal) who was supposedly going to OVW along with Anarchia was Rob Terry. ANd yet, he appears in tonight's ppv.

  2. I know it's like a week late.. but I just tuned in to this particular little radio programme, and a few things.

    One) JBL held the title for nine months before Cena's long reign of over a year (just thought I'd throw that in there)
    Two) There's nothing wrong with 'hot-potatoing' the title as it was put. Remember when The Rock and Mankind were feuding late-1998 to WM 1999. I thought that was well done throughout. It helped get mankind over once again, and it made the massive Corporation look weak at times, which is what's needed. So personally, there's nothing wrong with it.. if it's done right.

    Just a few of my thoughts.. nice to see there's no editing, and it's a lot easier than that time I tried it over.. was it MSN Messenger? and I had to type and edit the whole thing.. that was a pain. This was not. Good work.. keep it up!

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