And then Khali died.

Oh man, wrestling fans… this week was one hell of a ride. We were joined by @AliceRadley of Rational Wrestling Review and rather quickly Jorge and Alice embark us onto a pretty entertaining diatribe about… things. We roll through the week of WWE, TNA, and ROH as usual and return to the madness that is the world of The Iron Sheik. The upcoming Wrestlers vs Zombies is discussed. J.T. reveals his disdain of the product that prompts a discussion of why we watch wrestling today, with some reference to the abuse of the fans by McMahon being akin to today’s announcement of the end of the NHL lockout. Velvet Sky crashes her car because of a little snow (we call that July in Canada), Daniel Bryan wants to become the most useless superhero in the Marvel universe, Fred Flinstone gets jobbed out, and much more!

Ensure you like Jorge’s facebook page here. He need’s 503 votes, and we will be able to coerce him into joining social media! Do it now! Make fake facebook accounts and make democracy legitimate!

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 56 (MP3, 2:07:18)

Also… here are the videos discussed on today’s episode:

[youtube q9eAPgqc2AQ]

[youtube -3_cUxzLBSQ]

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