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What do your friendly neighborhood staff members here at think of Sunday night’s ppv offering from TNA? So very glad you asked!

BWF Round Table – “Bound for Glory” 2009

Pre-show match:
Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Drowgoddess: You’re kidding, right? Who’s my pick? Seriously, the Guns are by far the better team, and should win here. That they aren’t on the actual ppv has to violate the Geneva Conventions in some way. It really is criminal that they’re on the free pre-show, and people like Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne are on the biggest ppv of the year. Why does God hate me?

JT: MCMG over Black Macho Man and Black Creed, need I explain?


World Heavyweight Championship match:
AJ Styles (ch) vs. Sting

Drowgoddess: AJ. Please dear wrestling gods let AJ retain. There is no reason at all, aside from stroking the ego of a man who in no way is the future of the company, for AJ to lose the title at any point in the near future. If AJ loses, it really doesn’t matter what else happens. The “Youth Movement” will be dead.

ThinkSoJoE: Sting’s not retiring? That means Sting’s winning.

JT: Sting usually wins the title at BFG every year and this year will be no different.


Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

Drowgoddess: Matt Morgan wins. If ever there were a time to let the “young guys” shine, it’s here. A loss for Morgan kills all of his momentum, and essentially ruins him. Morgan needs this win. Angle does not.

ThinkSoJoE: Nobody else has been thrilled about having to put Matt Morgan over. Kurt Angle probably would. So I’m going with Morgan here. 

JT: Kurt Angle because it’s Kurt Angle, why would it be any different?


“MMA vs. TNA” Submission match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

Drowgoddess: I was unclear that this was a submissions match until now. I desperately want Samoa Joe to win. I feel rather certain, though, that Lashley will win. He’s been built up as completely unbeatable, though his in-ring work doesn’t support the claim. Samoa Joe has been so mishandled that a hard-fought win over Lashley would go a long way to restoring his credibility. TNA just seems determined to build the company around Lashley no matter what, and I hope Joe doesn’t suffer for their short-sightedness.

ThinkSoJoE: Sadly, Lashley.

JT: Lashley, he’s too new to TNA. If this feud was built longer than the last month I would say different, but no Lashley’s winning here.


“Monster’s Ball” Hardcore match:
Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Drowgoddess: Abyss wins. Foley gains nothing at all by winning here. Expect some form of involvement by Dr. Stevie and Daffney.

ThinkSoJoE: Whatever happened to the actual gimmick of sleep and food deprivation for 24 hours before the Monster’s Ball? Foley’s gonna take this one, burying Chris Parks deeper in the process.

JT: Abyss, it’s his thing. Foley will take some sick bumps though.


“Ultimate X” match for the X-Division Championship:
Suicide vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Daniels vs. Homicide vs. Amazing Red (ch)

Drowgoddess: “Ultimate X” has gotten no attention at all, and that’s pathetic. It’s the sort of match that should be headlining pay-per-views at other points in the year. Daniels and Homicide are both former X-Division champions, but they’ve made no mention of it at all, so why do they want to be in this match? If they want the title back, they should be allowed to say so. What have Suicide and Dinero done to even earn a shot at being the #1 Contender to this title? Given that Red just won the title last week in a fluke victory, he’s retaining it here. Besides, he’s the only guy who doesn’t have issues with other guys in the match. If Red doesn’t retain, I’d be happy with anyone but Suicide winning, but my personal choice is Dinero. He’s gotten quite a push, he’s really over, and you can’t tell me that you don’t want to see him sporting that title belt amidst the deafening chants of “Pope is pimpin’!”

ThinkSoJoE: I see Red picking up the win here, for the sheer fact that the other guys have feuds with each other going on that have nothing to do with Red.

JT: I flipped a coin and Dinero won, then I did it again and Daniels won, then flipped a third time and Dinero won so he’s my pick.


“Full Metal Mayhem” match for the TNA Tag Team Championship AND the IWGP Tag Team Championship:
The British Invasion (IWGP ch) vs. Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T (TNA ch)

Drowgoddess: This is too much. The tag team scene in TNA was once a thing of beauty, and has now degenerated into the clustermess that we see before us. I thought that it was a ladder match, but it seems to have become “Full Metal Mayhem.” Both sets of titles are on the line separately, which is a plus. I call Team 3D to win the IWGP titles and go back to Japan with them, and Beer Money to win the TNA titles. 

ThinkSoJoE: I’d venture to say that Team 3D will take the IWGP Tag Team Championships, for the sheer fact that I doubt they were supposed to have lost them here in the States anyway. As for the TNA Tag Team Titles, I’m going to go with the British Invasion as a final nail in the coffin of their feud with the Main Event Mafia.

JT: Beer Money because they’re awesome, so much so that I am wearing their t-shirt as I’m writing this.


Legends Championship match:
Kevin Nash (ch) vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young

Drowgoddess: Nash retains when something goes wrong.

ThinkSoJoE: Eric Young is going to steal the title here.

JT: Really F**K Eric Young in a Legends title match? He is not legendary, Nash wins here.


Knockouts Tag Team Championship match:
The Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita (ch)

Drowgoddess: Taylor Wilde and Sarita retain. For one thing, the titles just came into existance, and the new champs haven’t had them for very long. Secondly, The Beautiful People are very weak in the ring without Angelina Love, and are frankly not good enough yet to believably beat Wilde and Sarita. Even with interference from that utterly useless Lacey Von Erich.

ThinkSoJoE: Taylor and Sarita couldn’t even get on the show this week on iMPACT. The Beautiful People are going to take the titles that were likely originally meant for them.

JT: The champs retain here.


Knockouts Championship match:
Tara vs. Awesome Kong vs. ODB (ch)

Drowgoddess: Hmm. Any one of the three would be a good Knockouts champ. ODB hasn’t had the title for long, and she seems to be a late addition to the Kong/Tara feud. ODB retains while Kong and Tara go after each other.

ThinkSoJoE: Tara has been the focus of the Knockout division lately – I’ll go with a victory for her.

JT: Tara wins.


Who was right? Who was hopelessly wrong? Check back here with us for “Bound for Glory” coverage, and see what happens!


  1. Nice to see you people remembered me =p

    Time to pick the losers!

    Lethal Consequences
    Beautiful People
    Eric Young
    Team 3D win the New Japan, Beer Money for the TNA.
    Bobby Trashley
    Maaaaatttttt Mooooorrrrggggaan
    AJ Styles. Cable companies rock!

  2. Nice to see you people remembered me =p

    Time to pick the losers!

    Lethal Consequences
    Beautiful People
    Eric Young
    Team 3D win the New Japan, Beer Money for the TNA.
    Bobby Trashley
    Maaaaatttttt Mooooorrrrggggaan
    AJ Styles. Cable companies rock!

  3. Plus, I pestered everyone to PM me more than once. Australians are actually included in "everyone."

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