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  1. BWF Interview: Matt Cage

    Matt Cage took a few moments out of a sleepless Saturday afternoon to speak with’s Justin Ruff. In the 31 minute interview, Cage discusses his biggest influences, how he got started in the business, driving cross country to Las Vegas to persue his dream at 17 years old, training with Mr. Hughes and “Prime […]

  2. BWF Interview: Ethan Page

    Independent wrestling star Ethan Page took time out of his Saturday to speak with’s Justin Ruff.  In the 23 minute interview, Page talks about what made him get into wrestling, Val Venis being his favorite Canadian wrestler, his martial arts background, some of his favorite guys to work with, difficulty getting booked in the United […]

  3. BWF Interview: David Fuller

    We here at cannot thank David Fuller enough for joining us on such short notice after our scheduled interview went awry.  On Friday night, he took an hour out of his day to discuss his professional wrestling career. In the 56 minute interview, David talks to BWF’s Justin Ruff about a number of things, […]

  4. BWF Interview: Brian Hardy

    Maryland Wrestling Federation wrestler Brian Hardy took time out of his day before challenging for the MWF Heavyweight Championship this weekend to speak with ThinkSoJoE and Justin Ruff of The second generation star spoke with the BWF crew on a number of topics including his current storyline in Maryland Championship Wrestling, Growing up with […]

  5. BWF Interview: Grizzly Redwood

    ROH, CHIKARA, and indy star Grizzly Redwood took time out before a recent indy show in Charlotte, NC to speak with’s Justin Ruff about a variety of topics. In the 24 minute interview, Redwood talks about being born premature, being sick for the first year of his life, and how he wasn’t supposed to […]

  6. BWF Interview: Ruthless Lala

    Total Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion Ruthless Lala recently took time out of her day to chat with BoredWrestlingFan’s Justin Ruff.  In the controversial 31 minute interview, Lala talks about her career, her influences, the moment that made her want to be a wrestler, training with Lance Hoyt among others, comparisons to Kharma, and her relationship […]

  7. BWF Interview: Davey Vega

    During the trip to a recent appearance, Davey Vega took the time to speak with’s Justin Ruff.  In the 26 minute interview, Davey discusses, among other things, training in the CHIKARA school, wrestling in ANARCHY Wrestling in both St. Louis and Texas, the unique atmosphere of Beyond Wrestling, his favorite opponents, what could perhaps […]

  8. BWF Interview: Kyle Davis

    Bored Wrestling Fan is proud to present an interview with Kyle Davis of Metroplex Wrestling, and Pro Championship Wrestling. He took some time out of his day while watching a Texas Rangers game (our audio producer had Ghostbusters 2 on his television). Davis recounts his experience starting out volunteering during his high school days into […]

  9. BWF Interview: Johnny Gargano

    He’s the Bee’s Knees.  He’s the Cat’s Pajamas.  He’s The Whole Shebang, Johnny Gargano.  The current Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion joins BoredWrestlingFan’s ThinkSoJoE and Justin Ruff to talk about his career.  Johnny talks about his thoughts on Vince McMahon, the independent wrestling scene, what he would like to do for a […]

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