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  1. BWF Podcast #7

    BWF Podcast 7 (Right click, save as) I almost didn’t do a podcast this week, but Mike Adamle being the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW was just too much to resist talking about.  It’s a short one, clocking in at just over 33 minutes, so enjoy! P.S.:  I wanted to point out that […]

  2. BWF Podcast #6

    BWF Podcast 6 (Right click, save as) Well, I decided to do a podcast this week after all.  I’ve also decided that I’m not going to the Vans’ Warped Tour either, mostly because I can’t afford to.  So that means your iMPACT review will be up tomorrow.  This week’s podcast clocks in at just over […]

  3. BWF Podcast #5

    BWF Podcast 5 (Right click, save as) Alright, we’ve had a crazy podcasting week – and as of this moment, the only podcast available on the site is the newest one – an audio podcast taken from what was going to be a video podcast.  Then the cats managed to cut off power to my […]

  4. BWF Podcast # 4

    BWF Podcast 4 (Right Click, Save As) podcast number 4 is now availible – discussed today are burning questions like, why is John Cena obsessed with poop, and who the hell is Kane talking about? Also, praise for WWE MSG Classics on the MSG network.  Enjoy! [poll id=”2″]

  5. BWF Podcast #3

    BWF Podcast 3 (Right Click, Save As) I feel a lot better this week, and as such, this Podcast is probably going to sound a little better than last week.  I actually recorded it at 1:30 this morning to make sure that I would have it up on time this week.  I discuss the past […]

  6. BWF Podcast #2

    BWF Podcast 2 (Right click, save as) Well folks, despite being under the weather and pressed for time, I managed to record a Podcast on the night I promised to.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to post it last night, so here it is, finally.  A look at the WWE Draft and the McMahon sillyness […]

  7. BWF Podcast #1

    BWF Podcast 1 (Right click, save as) Well guys, this is it!  My first podcast!  To be honest, I haven’t listened to it back, simply because I had just enough time to record it before my laptop battery died.  Hopefully the quality is pretty good, hopefully you guys like it.  Leave me feedback and let […]

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