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  1. The Flockcast: The Flock Presents: WWE Payback Review, The NBA Finals, and More

    Once again, we chime in post WWE Payback PPV to discuss the fallout of the show. A massive crew of folks from many sites assemble to digest what we saw. Furthermore, we fall into other sports, including that of the NBA Finals, and the legacy of players in the sport of basketball. [youtube][/youtube]

  2. The Flock Presents: TNA Slammiversary Review (Plus Other Random Shit)

    [youtube Q0Z-ZzB60UE] In the depths of facebook, dwells a pretty kickass little group of like minded fans of many things, one of these includes wrestling. They are known as The Flock. Sunday, after TNA’s surprisingly good PPV, Slammiversary, four members assembled for the very first “Flockcast.” We discussed the show, among other things. Gee of […]

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