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  1. Top Unsigned Women Wrestlers

    So I spent some time seriously thinking about who were the 5 best women’s wrestlers without a contract for the Big 2 (In this case, WWE & TNA/Impact.) I’m probably going to upset some women and some fans of those women. That’s why there is a comment section. So please understand this is simply my […]

  2. A Ruff Look at WSU Full Steam Ahead

    The below show can be found here. We began the night with Sammy Geodollno offering her services to Mercedes Martinez. Nice, cute, short, character-driven. Kalamity vs. Leva Bates I am looking forward to this match. Kalamity has a good look and ring presence, even though she’s somewhat lacking in height. And to me, Leva reminds a […]

  3. My Wrestling Christmas List

    I don’t do awards shows, so you’ll have to forgive me for the lack of Raw coverage. Instead, I bring you the following Christmas list: John Laryngitis-an off-screen role (ONLY) John Cena-intensity Alberto Del Rio-a promo that does not use the word “destiny” WWE Creative Team-creativity Divas-real women wrestlers and more than two minutes for […]

  4. John Cena vs. Eddie Kingston

    I’m trying to find a place to start with this and it’s just not happening. So forgive me for being a little disjointed in starting here. I have my favorite promos. Anything that comes out of Mick Foley’s or Ric Flair’s mouth. I remember Al Snow cutting a promo in the ECW days before a […]

  5. Chikara High Noon 11-13-2011

    I should probably write an intro here. I do a lot of rambling here so I apologize for the length. If you want a real recap, you can find that anywhere. These are meditations of the iPPV event and my stream-of-consciousness as it happened. Jigsaw vs. El Generico The opener was pretty fun. You got […]

  6. AIW Absolution 6 Review

    This was my first time to watch an AIW show. I started out being very intrigued by all the promos at the beginning. I know some of the wrestlers, but I am not familiar with their characters. This gave me a brief overview. What it reminded me of was the UFC product. Fighter #1 doing […]

  7. Raw Is Dedicated to Mr. Peppermint 9-26-11

      For those of you who have no idea who Mr. Peppermint is, click here. His show, Peppermint Palace, was on every Saturday morning on ABC at 6 (or 5, I don’t remember). His show meant Saturday morning cartoons were going to start. And that was back when you didn’t have Nick Jr. or Cartoon Network. […]

  8. Angry Rant-PED Edition

    Forgive me for this rant. But I’m angry. This is not focused on a specific wrestler. This is just me railing on the upper echelon of the business and the prices it takes to get there. Forgive me, but I am angry. I’m angry that there are still wrestlers out there using PED’s. I understand […]

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