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  1. MPX Scars and Tattoos 7-16-11

    So tonight was MPX’s Scars and Tattoos. Right now I’m in reflection mode, but I think this might have been MPX’s best show top to bottom. It was hot. Duh! It’s July in Texas. The crowd was a little out of it because of the heat. There were hand-held fans for the crowd. It was […]

  2. Thoughts on Raw is Patriotic

    I did a live Raw blog last night. I’m not sure how it was received or if anybody thought it was nice. Looking over Raw I wanted to point out some things I really liked. 1. John Cena. I liked this John Cena. Let’s be honest. John Cena is not going to be Ric Flair […]

  3. Meditations on a CM Punk Promo

    Yeah, I know. Everybody is going to be talking about the CM Punk promo from last night. Any why shouldn’t we? I can count on my hand the number of times wrestling has gotten “real.” Montreal Screw Job was one. Bash at the Beach (Russo’s promo) was at best what we still think was one. […]

  4. Alex Riley- What’s Next?

    I hope that we are on the verge of watching the emergence of Alex Riley as a superstar. He seems to be strapped with a rocket to the Oort Cloud (nerd reference #1) and back. Part of me thinks that he can fly limitless space with his God-given talents (if he chooses to use them). […]

  5. MPX-Mayhem at Midcities II 5-21-11

    This was a very big step for MPX tonight. The crowd was packed. I felt like a lot of wrestlers really brought it. There is some great improvement, plus we had some nice debuts. They opened the night with a 10-bell salute for the Macho Man with all the wrestlers coming out and surrounding the […]

  6. Not so Incredible

    There is a topic that I need to talk about, but I will start by talking about something not so incredible. Raw last night was pretty bad. It was centered around somebody who wasn’t a major character-The Rock. All it does is show the wrestling world how little they have in John Cena. There were […]

  7. MPX One-Year Anniversary Show 4-23-11

    Tonight was a solid show. Everything worked well and gelled together. Quick warning: Iwill talk about my segment, but I really shouldn’t be the one to critique myself. It seemed there were a lot of people there. More and more people are beginning to show up. I’m seeing MPX get more buzz. There are wrestlers […]

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