Welcome one and all to the debut edition of  “Creative Control”. I am your host Dan Thompson. It seems every week through various blogs, facebook posts, twitter,  and podcasts we here the same thing creative sucks, I hate the direction the company is going, PG Sucks. So came the idea of Creative Control. This will be a 13 part article as I will fantasy book each PPV starting at the upcoming Elimination Chamber and ending with Wrestlemania 31. I will take you through the general story lines and the characters building up to each PPV.  Also I want this to be as realistic as possible. So Im continuing with the current roster and storylines that they are going with. I’m writing this as I was given full Creative Control starting with The Elimination Chamber. (WINNERS IN BOLD)

Kickoff Match- Ryback&Axel Vs The Rhodes Brothers.

The end of the match comes when Cody Rhodes has Axel on the mat. Instead of going for the pin he goes up for a Moonsault off the top rope and misses. Axel then tags in Ryback where he hits the Shell Shocked for the win. After the match frustrated a Goldust walks away without helping Cody up.

Batista Vs Alberto Del Rio

A fairly quick match that sees Batista dominate most of the match. Del Rio gets a quick series of moves for a comeback and puts Batista in the Armbar. Batista overpowers him and gets him in the Batista Bomb for the win.

A WWE Network Promo airs. It is then announced that After Raw tomorrow Night will be a Special exclusive Interview with Hulk Hogan where the WWE Universe can ask Hogan anything they want via Twitter using the #AskHoganAnything. The only way you can see the and ask have the chance to AskHoganAnything is to order the WWE Network. 

Titus O Neil Vs Darren Young.

After a back and forth match Titus O Neil picks up the win with a foot on the rope.

A Backstage segment with The Authority in there office. Brad Maddox comes in with some bad news Scott Armstrong the referee for the Elimination Chamber has come down with food poising and will not be able to referee the match. Brad Maddox offers his services and Stephanie and HHH say they will take it into consideration.

WWE Tag Team Titles  New Age Outlaws Vs The Usos

The Ending comes when Billy Gunn hits the Fameouser on Jey Uso. 

We return to the Authority’s office with Brad Maddox asking if they have made a decision regarding the referee position. They say they have and Stephanie is going to talk to him right now. They leave as Maddox looks on in disappointment. 

The Wyatt Family Vs The Shield.

The ending comes with a miscalculation within the Shield. Reigns goes to spear Harper and misses and ends up spearing Ambrose. Harper has Rollins on the outside. Looking down on a injured Ambrose and trying to help him up. Wyatt hits him with the Sister Abigail for the pin.

Backstage Stephanie is seen leaving a locker room and runs into HHH she says he said yes.

WWE IC Title Match Big E Vs Jack Swagger.

Zeb Colter grabs the mic and says that  there is no need to watch the #AskHoganAnything because we have a Real American right here. Big E comes out and wins the match with The Big Ending to retain the IC Title.

Renee Young is with Daniel Bryan in the back and Renee asks him about the mystery referee. Bryan says that it doesnt matter who the ref is. Tonight is his time and he will go through everybody in the Chamber if he has to. 

WWE World Heavyweight Title. Cesaro Vs Christian Vs Sheamus Vs John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton.

Before the Match starts HHH music hits and he introduces us to to the special guest referee for the match Batista

Bryan and Sheamus start the match with Christian entering next. Bryan hits the running knee on Christian as he is the first one eliminated. Sheamus then hits Bryan with the brouge kick but John Cena enters next and attacks Sheamus. The next elimination comes when Bryan gets the Yes Lock on Sheamus and he taps. Orton enters and hits the RKO on Cesaro for the pin  but then Cena hits the AA on Orton. The Wyatts music then hits and with Cena distracted Orton hits Cena with the RKO to eliminate him. The final 2 are Bryan and Orton. Bryan hits Orton with the running knees and goes to pin him. Batista then refuses the count and Bryan stands up to argue with Batista. Orton then gets back up with Bryan distracted and hits the RKO for the win to retain the title.


Hope everyone enjoyed the debut edition of Creative Control. Join me next time where we will go through the buildup and matches for Wrestlemania XXX. Hope everyone enjoyed the column and please leave your feedback. In the meantime and In between time Im Dan Thompson.

See Ya Pals!





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