You’ve probably heard more than one person say that since last week’s Monday Night RAW when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt family…in the closing segment of the show. He was then in the closing segment of Smackdown. Oh yeah, he’s totally in the midcard now. You’ll have to excuse me because I’m British and full of scathing sarcasm.


Alright, he was in the opening match this past week on RAW. That’s hardly a top spot, but as has been said before the opening match can be just as important as the main event. It’s why the top guys open the show in segments that drag on and on and on and on and on…and on. Like the one with Cena and Orton from this past week. The opening match is important in hyping the crowd up and getting them involved in things and Bryan is damn good at that. Heck it kept me paying attention after that opening segment. He could be in a better position but he could still be in a much worse one. He could be a Ziggler.


There’s also something else stopping Bryan from being a heel; the fans. You know, you people who are calling him a heel. While there was initially some “NO!” chants during his entrance with the Wyatt’s, as soon as he came in the entire crowd was still behind him. They’ll probably stay that way too. Remember the last time he was a heel? It was absolutely amazing and the smart fans kept cheering him so much they HAD to make him a babyface. Being a heel is the reason he got so over. Being a heel meant he lost in 18 seconds and that made him the most over guy since Cena debuted.


The WWE can NOT make people faces or heels. The fans do and it’s up to the fans who the faces and heels are. The authority get cheers despite being heels, Orton still gets cheers, and Cena gets boos. Daniel Bryan will continue to be cheered, and so will a lot of people who probably don’t deserve it. If you think that what Bryan is being put through is absolute garbage then he needs your support more than ever. Don’t let the E dictate how you think and feel. They delight in breaking you down so much that you just go with their stuff. Support Bryan now more than ever. He’s one of the only good things about the show and it’s up to us to decide that and no one else.


Hey remember that time D-Bry was a heel and was chanted for throughout the entire show?

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