So after last weeks announcement of TNA doing a Open Fight Night where anyone can challenge the champion of their choice, minus of course the KO Tag champs because that belt is now in possession of the comedic duo of Eric Young and ODB. What made it also extra interesting when announced was now they were doing the Gut Check Challenge on Impact, I couldn’t wait. Hogan started off the proceedings strong with him going around with the respective champs in drill sargent fashion and in perticular Bobby Roode. I was excited at what was in store.

Right before deflation

And then Jeremy Borash came out to challenge a man who should not be there. Eric B****** who name gets conveniently bleeped when said. Borash is the first to issue an open challenge and its against another non wrestler?

Bully Ray comes out and attacks Borash setting him up to be pinned by B******* who is attempting to get one last heel heat attempt before vanishing from television.

Devon defends his title. Which is nice considering he is the television champion. Who does he challenge? His former partner Bully Ray, I was smelling a rekindled feud coming right before Devon beat him but there is still hope.

Chavo on Helium or as he likes to be called Anarquia calls out an American and gets Kurt Angle. So seeing how neews has been running rampant about Anarquia being removed from the TNA roster page I see this as his farewell match which in typical fashion sees him getting embarasseed on the way out. I will not be missing Chavo lite.

NEw Prospect Alex Silva is announced for the Gut check challenge to take on Robbie ? yeah he loses. Not the best way to present prospects putting them up against comic parody relief.

WHy am I here? Just because


Tessmacher challenges and then pins Gail Kim, Nuff said. Finally a fresh feud with an actual knockout who I can root for who’s name doesn’t start with a V. Non title match.

tessmacher I love you boyfriend and your wrestling too.

A three way tag team is turned into a one on one event when Daniels and Kaz are told to leave. Samoa Joe picks up a win on Anderson after him and his partner where reinacting a broken home scenario in the ring. Daniels and Kaz attack and we finally have another team added to the tag division now just get two more to make it interesting. How about TMDK from OVW, think about it TNA.

the mighty don't kneel

And to close the show why not bring the man who you’ve kicked off the show back for one finally bow. Eric and his wrestlers from Lockdown come out and fight with Garett Bischoff and his wrestlers resulting in E. B******* ending up covered in shit  poop I mean poop have to keep the language down my daughter is watching me type.

What do I think of the first OFN, eh could of been better with more emphasize on bringing out better matches instead of having this Eric going away party thrown by his former arch enemy Ric Flair. But hopefully next month it will be taken more seriously and lets not have the GutCheck Challenge opponent take on Robbie E.

Pintnoir out.

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