It wasn’t that long ago.  Just a few weeks, actually.  I jumped right on this very website right after WWE RAW SuperShow to rant about how they ruined a perfectly entertaining show with the introduction of John Laurinaitis as the interim RAW General Manager.  Now, I’m right back here after what many are saying was a terrible episode of RAW, and finding myself in a less than familiar situation – one where I’m not a cynical asshole.

Personally, I went on Twitter immediately after I watched last night’s show and mentioned that I felt like last night’s show was solid from top to bottom, and after re-watching it today with my wife I’m standing by that tweet.  The fact is, the internet wrestling community (IWC) doesn’t know what they want.  The same people who tune in to TNA and time the matches so they can jump on the internet and point out that there was only 10 minutes of wrestling in a two hour program are the same ones that I see right now saying that this episode of RAW, where the talking was kept to a minimum, was terrible.

Every performer on last night’s show put on a solid performance.  The IWC doesn’t seem to think so, and I’d like to think that it’s because they’re so jaded about everything that the WWE does nowadays.  John Cena has proven time and time again – despite the fact that I boo the hell out of his character – that he’s a solid performer and can have a good match with most of the guys on the roster, yet no matter how good of a match he has, you’ll still hear about the “five moves of doom.”  The Divas have all been working very hard on their in-ring work, but as soon as they’re on television, the IWC collectively says “piss break!”

The biggest criticism I’ve seen of last night’s show was the ending.  Oh no, “Super Cena” just beat Awesome Truth all by himself, why does he even need to bother with The Rock at Survivor Series?  What show are you watching?  Cena beat The Miz, then while Miz was incapacitated, R-Truth tried to attack him, but got caught and ate an AA for his trouble.  That’s not Cena beating up two guys at once, that’s Cena beating two guys back to back.  If it were Awesome Truth against Cena by himself, Cena gets beat down.  See last week’s RAW for proof.

What bugs me is that if ROH did the exact same finish – let’s say with Davey Richards in the John Cena role, and members of The House of Truth in Awesome Truth’s place – these same people who are criticizing Cena would be praising Richards for outsmarting the opposition.  You know I’m right.

This is what I want.  I want all of my fellow members of the IWC to get off of their little cloud, and watch RAW back as a FAN and not as a cynical asshole desensitized to the business by the internet, and tell me what the hell was so wrong with last night’s show.

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  1. Not enough muppets!!!!! i so wanted to see JR beat Cole with the assist of Ms Piggy. Otherwise the show was decent I just wish they would take the divas off my screen, not internet backed just my own personal bias when I watch a battle royal and you can get thrown through the middle rope and it still counts as an elimination? Its sports entertainment equivalent of Softball compared to Baseball. Otherwise more Muppet interaction.

    • At least you're able to give a valid reason why you didn't like the Divas match, aside from "it's the Divas and Kharma's not there so it must automatically suck."

      • Vince may have painted himself into a corner only hiring models and ignoring actual female wrestlers that bust their but day in and day out on the independent circuit, but otherwise its really his open disdain for them that is sad to watch. But your right just saying someone sucks "just because" is never a valid response.

  2. As a stand alone show, yes I did enjoy it. My criticism of having the Muppets on a Halloween show stems from the idea that if they were targeting the kid demographic with their presence, it seems a little short sighted to have this occur on a night where kids are not likely to be at home, they're out trick or treating. For the older demographic who are at home handing out the candy, and grew up watching the Muppets, it was fun to watch. They delivered some of the segments that were no-brainers like Sheamus/Beaker and Vickie/Piggy, and used Santino's comedy role perfectly.

    And yes, there was lots of action and the wrestling and wrestlers worked hard. No argument there.

    My issues are going forward. We did not get our Cole/JR segment (half the reason I wanted to watch, after wanting to see how they were going to use the Muppets). All we got was more cheap shots at JR. If you enjoyed that part, I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that regard.

    None of the outcomes of tonight make me want to watch Survivor Series though. They've still got time to change my mind building towards it.

    • That all did seem secondary. Survivor Series was treated as an after thought. But when it comes to gimmicked shows WWE has had a long history with that. Just look up the pumpkin toss from 1986 when the heels took on the faces. But yeah have to agree spending 50 bucks to watch a PPV that wasn't really given much planning is an insult.

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