Destination X, is about two weeks away. Two more three way tournaments to go through, leading to the four man Ultimate X match for a contract with the company. So far, I beg for Austin Aries to win because I like his personality. Which means he has one akin to Kendrick,Kaz,Gen-Max and I think Robbie E.

How the mighty division has fallen from its peak in 2005 at Unbreakable, with the classic match between Samoa Joe vs Daniels vs Styles. Now we have to fight for scraps between Amazing Red dressed as a K-mart brand Mexican Luchador (racist much!)* to destroying a tag team to get a member over only for them to vanish a few weeks later.**

I pray that Destination X is good, and lord willing I will be watching it on July 10th since it’s on a day before my birthday. I could only wish that its worth the last couple months of watching Abyss carrying around his make shift Art of War, quoting verses like a traveling preacher at a revival.

What I wouldn’t give to see something other than nostalgia but a new chapter debuting that will signal the return of a once great division that took the tradition of the WCW cruiser-weights and expanded on it.

Introducing the “X” factor that TNA was missing since late 2009, will definitely bring relief to those long time fans that have given up on the product when Hogan and his regime came aboard more concerned with the main event picture which was doing just fine (my opinion) before they ever stepped foot into the company. But after watching the Before the Bell program detailing the resurrection of the X Division, the upcoming matches in no particular order are: (Spoiler)

Ultimate X: Austin Aries vs Ion vs ?? vs ?? for a TNA contract

Kazarian vs Samoa Joe

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

RVD vs Jerry Lynn

Abyss (c) vs Brian Kendrick

So far decent nothing to write home about, staring nostalgia in the face right now. Hopefully the next two winners of the X division tournament can hang with Aries and prove they have what it takes to move into the company and creating a buzz.

I know I’m wishing for a lot when it comes to July 10th with Destination X, but give an old TNA head something to look forward to in Impact Wrestling’s future other than more Hogan and Bischoff spouting about how great they once were.

* Amazing Red is Puerto Rican not Mexican

** Generation Me.


    • After being embarrassed over and over again these past few months you really find it hard to root for him by now. But even if he wins who will he take on? These characters really need to be further developed so after Destination X I could get into the next generation of the X division besides the four or five guys that they have.

  1. I was SOOOOO hoping for AJ/Joe/Daniels again. Their match in '05 was considered one of the best matches in company history, to the point of having a second one later. Joe/Kazarian just doesn't excite me as much. Austin Aries is a fantastic talent, and was the nicest guy in the world when I met him, but I seriously wonder how long he means to stay. We shouldn't get our hopes up. It's a sad thing when most of the wrestlers on an X-Division ppv have to be brought back or brought in for the first time from elsewhere because the company fired them all. Once upon a time, TNA's X-Division roster was loaded enough to pull this off. I'm gutted that Chris Sabin won't be in it due to injury. 🙁

    Regardless of what we may think of the show, Gee and I have a cunning plan. Even if you don't personally care about the show, we should all buy the ppv. In groups, alone, whatever. Why? The Hogan/Bischoff regime may have finally decided to make an all-X-Division ppv (which had been talked about for years, but had never happened) with the idea of deliberately underpromoting it (even by TNA standards), so that when the low buyrate numbers come in, they can use the excuse of "Numbers don't lie, no one wants to see the X-Division or have any of you guys pushed, good-bye." If we all buy the show and "Destination X" scores the highest buyrates in months, then it's a slap in the face to those who destroyed the once-mighty X-Division. Hey, it's a thought. 🙂

    • Yes. Buy this show. More of a conspiracy? "I'm a good R-Truth now?" If they think fans want to bury the X-Division, they are clearly… sadly wrong.

  2. We have been given a little good things that might become good. The optimist in me (who hides in the deep deep recesses of my brain), wants to liken this to the first ONS. Little hype, yet best PPV spanning a long period of time. Just great. Sadly, I don't know if this will be that same type of deal. I think it "looks" great right now, and want to see it. But the potential for the disappointment is there. I want to be wrong, and hope you get a fantastic birthday present. A couple more weeks might make me change my tune though. TNA… err Impact Wrestling has certainly improved somewhat over the last few weeks.

  3. RVD/Jerry Lynn? Must buy PPV!

    Not really, actually. As much as I wax nostalgic for the days of the original ECW, these two will not recapture their past glory in a TNA ring.

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