Here is a quick review of the past two episodes of ROH:

Episode 9

Recap of American Wolves victory over the House Of Truth

ROH intro

Kelly and McGuiness hype the main event

Mike Mondo promo

Match 1: Alex Silva vs Mike Mondo- both men lost in their ROH TV debuts.  They stress the importance of not going 0-2 because there may not be another chance for the loser.  Mondo wins here with a double arm DDT.

We cut to Jim Cornette addressing the Kevin Steen situation.  He denies everything and says that he will have an official response next week, which will be later in this review.

ROH Final Battle promo with the Briscoe’s.

Commercial Break

Back from break and they address the TV Title situation, have the damn rematch already.  Oh wait they are next week Lethal defends against El Generico next week.

Match 2: Jamin Olivencia vs. Mike Bennett w/Bob Evans-  quick back and forth matchup with Bennett hitting the Box Office Smash for the win.

Commercial break

Inside ROH with more on Final Battle. Eddie Edwards announced that Dan Severin is training him for the ROH title match.  Richards looks at like a betrayel.

The All Night Express is upset that they aren’t in the title hunt.

The Briscoe’s are next on my screen and talking jibber jabber.  I hardly could understand what they’re saying.

Then Coleman & Alexander say they’re not afraid of anything. promo

Commercial Break

Match 3: Kyle O’Reilley vs. Davey Richards-  Truth Martini was on commentary during the match showing interest at both Richards and Edwards.  The first hale of the match had a very slow squash match feel to it with a more exciting and quicker pace for the second half.  Richards wins when the towel is thrown in on O’Reilley.  After the match Truth Martini confronts Richards in the ring and is laid out byboth Richards and O’Reilley as we fade to black.

Episode 10

Recap of last week’s main event.

ROH Intro

Kelly & McGuinness run down tonights card.

Promo from the Briscoe Bros.

Prom from Coleman & Alexander.

Match 1:  Coleman & Alexander vs. The Briscoe Bros.- pretty good match that was dominated mostly by Coleman & Alexander which turned into a brawl resulting in one of the Briscoes shoving the referee which I think got them DQ’d but just as the bell was ringing, the World’s Greatest Tag Team chase the Briscoes with steel chairs out of the arena as we go to break.

Final Battle promo with Jim Cornette and ROH Champion Davey Richards.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Kelly and MeGuinness tell us that ROH security stopped WGTT before they could do anything.  Lame They also said that the match was ruled a no contest.

Match 2- Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine vs. Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini- I already know how this one’s gonna end and the match hasn’t even started yet.  Not a complete squash match but not far from it, Elgin Alabama Slams both men and pins both of them.

We go to Cornette who says he has a deal for Steen and we will all find out next week what it is. promo

Commercial Break

Back from break and we have the Inside ROH segment talking about Eddie Edwards and his trainer Dan Severn.  We first get a quick rundown of how great Severn is and then we got to an interview with the two.  They blame Richards and show how hard Edwards has been training.

We then go to Roderick Strong who is “Training” in Tampa, Flordia. (He’s in a bar with women)  He says he’ll be at Final Battle and he will steal the show.

Commercial Break

Match 3: TV Title Match featuring El Generico vs. Jay Lethal (c)-  Before the match Mike Bennett and Bob Evans come out and sit ringside for the match.  Great back and forth match with neither getting the upper hand very often.  Bennett at the 3 minute to go mark grabs the title, puts it on his waist and starts taunting with it.  Neither notice until Lethal is thrown out of the ring with less than 1 minute to go. Lethal attacks Bennett, gets back in the ring hit’s a Lethal Injection and has Generico pinned but Bennett has the referee distracted as time runs out. No overtime here as we end the show with Lethal Bennett, Evans and Generico all brawling as we fade to black.




  1. Both of these two episodes were pretty strong. The Briscoes are more interesting to me than ever before, and if I had to focus on only one element of the current broadcast, that would be it. I really would like to see more of Prince Nana and the Embassy, but considering how the show is booked and the time allowed, it is what it is.

  2. See I don't like the Briscoes personally, they annoy the hell out of me. I would like to see more Prince Nana and the Embassy too since I've only seen them once and was actually wondering the other day where they were.

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