Whoops! I totally forgot to post this. I may be writing the ROH stuff now, but that’s not an excuse. TNA’s last ppv of the year, “Final Resolution,” takes place tonight. How will 2010 end for those involved? Here’s what they’re offering.

Jeff Hardy (ch) vs. Matt Morgan (World Heavyweight Championship title match, Mr. Anderson as the guest referee):

Matt Morgan will make a great champion, but as much as I’d love to see a major chink in the Immortal/Fortune armor, it isn’t happening tonight. Jeff Hardy and his personalized title belt aren’t parting ways just yet. I just hope that Hardy pulls out some form of tainted victory that does not involve a referee in any way, and that Mr. Anderson does now screw over Morgan just for the sake of a swerve. Anderson does not need to turn on Morgan, though many are saying that he will. The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling keeps his title for now, but both he and his title reign are complete afterthoughts. No World Heavyweight Champion should be an afterthought.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe (Submissions match):

Everyone is chomping at the proverbial bit to see Joe destroy Jarrett. This should be s glorified squash, with Joe flattening Jarrett into oblivion in under a minute. It won’t happen that way, but it should. Joe needs this win, and he needs it now.

Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero (Casket match):

This is stupid. I love “The Pope,” but there’s no good reason to have a casket match feud with Abyss. Both guys have looked weak lately, but of the two, Pope needs the win more.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino (First Blood match):

Do you care about this match? I don’t. It’s pathetic and sad that a former World Heavyweight Champion has become this. Still believe all that stuff you wrote in your blog, RVD? I’ll say that Rhino wins because Immortal Fortune won’t keep a loser around, but this would be bathroom break time.

Motor City Machine Guns (ch) vs. Generation Me (Full Metal Mayhem match for Tag Team Championship titles):

This match would be worth the price of the ppv alone. The gimmick is completely unnecessary, and actually degrades the title match between these two teams. The Guns should retain, mainly because Gen Me shouldn’t come out on top quite yet. Despite the gimmick, this will be one of the top matches on the show.

Tara vs. Mickie James (Falls Count Anywhere match):

I’d love to see Tara win and Mickie begin doubting herself somewhat, but James has had far too much of a push to lose now. She has pretty much BEEN the Knockouts division since arriving, and there’s no reason to believe that this will change. Mickie James to win.

AJ Styles (ch) vs. Douglas Williams (Television Championship title match):

This should prove the other top match of the night. These two can go, and hopefully, they will be allowed to. What has been done to AJ Styles in terms of booking is beyond shameful, and a crime against wrestling humanity. Neither AJ nor the Television title mean anything. AJ needs a solid win terribly, but I’d like to see Williams as the Television champion. I could go either way, but Williams to win.

Robbie E (ch) vs. Jay Lethal (X-Division Championship title match, Cookie in a Cage above the ring):

This. Is. Awful. A slight variation on the “Insert Name of Thing/Person Here”-on-a Pole match. I want to see Lethal get the title back, but I really don’t think that it’s happening tonight. Robbie E has been too prominent to lose a title that he just won, and now he has to prove that he can actually get a win without Cookie running interference. This could have been much more compelling than it is, which is too bad.

Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. (#1 Contender’s match for the Tag Team Championship titles):

This match opens the show, we are told. Ink, Inc. has impressed me more than I ever thought that they would, but Beer Money wins here. Then it’s on to Beer Money vs the MCMG for a second round of tag team title awesomeness.


There is no good reason for this many ridiculous gimmick matches. I should be grateful, at least, that the horrifically dreadful “Feast or Fired” matches are gone. This could be a solid show in truth, and while I probably won’t see it due to a lack of funds, I’ll try to get some results posted. Comments and thoughts are welcomed below. What are your thoughts and predictions?

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  1. Just finished watching the MCMG's retain. That match was bloody awesome. Since my stream is…. umm… unreliable, I choose not to review these. With that said, that match stole the show. Worth every penny…

    Abyss is stinking up the place right now, and seeing that Jarrett/Joe and Hardy/Morgan follow…. and the season finale of the Walking Dead is starting… take a wild guess what I'm watching.

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