I had a longer post going through the recently released WWE and TNA talent. Thank you Firefox for crashing.


Be seeing you crazy train

Past history aside she was a talented wrestler in the top four in the WWE. Now her boyfriend is like a Dolphin in Shark infested water.

Gail Kim

Back to TNA or new surroundings in ROH

Besides posting the past few weeks how the division needs more attention along with her eliminating herself during the Diva Battle Royal and commenting how no one seemed to notice. She technically quit, washing her hands of WWE.

DH Smith

Legacy Out!

He may have lacked a personality, but with work he could have at least been a wonderful mid card talent in the vein of his father.

Vladimir Koslov

Monster Russian to Santino sidekick, back to Mother Russia we go.

From being the typical monster heel before being comedified, it looks like he won’t be terrorizing the likes of the Superstars

Chris Masters

Masterpiece no more

After his third attempt in the company this potential talent is now free to roam the independent wrestling circuit. So much for that supposed After-Mania push.

In TNA news, Amazing Red was released citing creative differences with the company. Basically the “Creative has nothing for you” differences

Potentially Puerto Rican Rey 2.0, wasted opportunity

I would also like to wish a 100th Happy birthday to the Late, Great Lucille Ball. Even after 60 years your show is still funny-


Pintnoir out!


  1. Yeah Firefox is certainly problematic with WordPress. That likely helps explain a bunch of things… but it certainly won't save Chris Masters. Speaking of which, some of these endeavored have already hopped on their respective social media outlets concerning their releases. I don't want to make things worse by being mean towards any of them. I do, however, want to note what Masters said though (and will let other people laugh their asses off for me).

    And I quote…

    "Watch any match I've worked in the last year and tell me I wasn't one of the best in ring guys in the company. I'm just saying!"

  2. They can never go out with any kind of humble behavior.Especially Masters with his two previous stints being derailed because of steroid use.

  3. I could've sworn I mentioned on Monday that Gail Kim eliminated herself from the battle royal. Just read it back, and I just said that she went early – the reason nobody SEEMED to notice is because the eliminations were happening in such rapid succession that nobody had TIME to notice before somebody else got eliminated.

    • Ha ha! She did, she rolled out immediately. Then talked about it on Twitter afterwards…. either she knew it was coming, or that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

      It's always interesting to see what the last thing the FE wrestlers do on TV before they are gone. Kozlov had a match on NXT against JTG. Kozlov went over JTG, then grabbed a camera and planked on top of JTG while taking a photo.

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