The week is winding down, and it’s time to join your Empress of “iMPACT” and cross the line!

In this post-“Bound for Glory” landscape, what is there for us to look forward to? AJ Styles is still World Heavyweight Champion. The British Invasion are TNA Tag Team Champions. Taylor Wilde and Sarita are still Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Amazing Red held on to his X-Division Championship. ODB retained the Knockouts Championship. Eric Young is the new Legends Champion. What next?

We open with a recap of some “Bound for Glory” highlights. Kurt Angle enters alone. Mike Tenay and Taz point out that the only bright spot at BFG for the Main Event Mafia was Angle’s win over Matt Morgan. Angle says that he stands there without a family. The MEM was created one year ago. From the beginning, the MEM was misunderstood. It wasn’t about securing spots in the company, at least it wasn’t for Angle. The MEM wasn’t about job security, because Angle already knew that he was better than everyone else. The MEM was about respect, for both the wrestlers and for the game. Not money or ego, about pride and wanting to be the best. Angle says that when he showed up to TNA, he saw a bunch of young guys looking for everything to be handed to them. Angle was wrong, and they’re boys who have grown into men. Eric Young, AJ Styles, and Matt Morgan all get praised for determination, fire, passion, and the desire to be the best. Angle says that the TNA locker room has nothing to prove to him, he now considers them his peers, and that he’ll fight the fight that they are fighting.

Rhino runs out. He can’t believe what Angle is saying. Rhino says that the MEM is no more. Booker T is gone. TNA management wants veterans like them gone, and wants guys like Hernandez, Morgan, and AJ. What about them, Kurt? What about Rhino? Angle says that they may have earned it. Rhino says they haven’t earned anything. Rhino fought with those guys in the Front Line and stood by them, only to be shoved aside and discarded by TNA for Bobby Lashley and the like. Team 3D comes out, with security trying to stop them. Brother Ray yells at Rhino about what Rhino did to him at the ppv. Rhino tells Team 3D that TNA wants to replace them too. Take a look in the back, they aren’t on the card. Maybe Team 3D doesn’t pull the ratings like they used to. Team 3D tries to attack Rhino, but security stops them. Rhino swears that TNA won’t get rid of him until they drag his lifeless body from the ring.

To the back! Lauren asks Daniels and AJ Styles what they think of Angle’s words. Daniels is totally stylin’ in the suit and sunglasses combination. AJ says that he’s still digesting everything that was said, but if it’s true, then TNA is all about the competition, rather than the factions. Lauren says that the main event for “Turning Point” has already been announced, with AJ/Joe/Daniels for the World Heavyweight Championship. She points out that the main event from 2005 featuring the three of them was the greatest match in TNA history. Daniels says that he and AJ face Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe tonight, and that while both of those guys are coming off major losses at the ppv, Daniels nearly died in the ring on Sunday, and yet, they’re all still here. Daniels and AJ will answer all questions in the ring.

To the back! Lauren interviews Raisha Saeed, who says that she knows Awesome Kong better than Kong knows herself. If they wrestle tonight, Saeed will destroy Kong!

To the ring! Homicide is beating the hell out of Amazing Red, down the ramp and to the ring.

Match #1: Homicide vs. Amazing Red: The match is finally made official after a major beatdown and Red being rolled into the ring. Homicide continues to assault Red. Don West comes to ringside to support Red. This is a non-title match, and both Tenay and Taz talk up the rivalry between Red and Homicide over wrestling schools. Homicide tries to pin Red with his feet on the ropes, but gets caught. While Homicide tries to intimidate the ref, Red rolls up Homicide and gets a two count. Red finally goes on the offensive, but one Gringo Killer later, Homicide gets the win. Post-match, Tenay and Taz talk up the fact that Homicide just beat the X-Division champion and the winner of Ultimate X! Homicide throws clothing at Don West. That sounds so wrong now that I read it.

Winner: Homicide

To the back! Lauren interviews Scott Steiner. Steiner says that there will always be a Main Event Mafia with  him around, and he won’t give credit for anything to any of these young punks, like Mike Morgan. Steiner is funny here, I’ll admit.

Match #2: Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner: Steiner stops in front of Krystal Lashley, wife of Bobby and former Diva Search contestant. She wants none of his flexing. Morgan and Steiner play the power game back and forth. Steiner does push-ups instead of pinning Morgan at one point. Morgan takes over and knocks Steiner around. Slow pace, heavy on the clotheslines. Steiner grabs Krystal again from ringside and she fights him off. Bobby Lashley runs out and beats up Steiner. Lashley throws Steiner back in the ring and punches him again. Morgan plants Steiner with the Carbon Footprint and gets the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

To the back! Lauren is with Awesome Kong. Lots of heavy breathing from Kong as she snarls that there will be no more orders from Raisha Saeed.

To the back! Lauren follows Lashley and Krystal, trying to apologize on behalf of TNA for Steiner’s actions. Lashley says that Scott Steiner doesn’t want to play this game with him, and the couple leaves.

Match #3: AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash: Wow! This isn’t the main event. I’m impressed. Joe and Nash enter together. AJ and Daniels enter together. More references are made to Daniels nearly flying with the angels in the ring. I don’t know that I like that. Joe attacks AJ, while Daniels goes after Nash. AJ and Joe are awesome in the ring, while Nash and Daniels go on the floor. AJ and Daniels double-team Joe briefly, then Daniels tags in and works over Joe. AJ tags in and tries the same, but Joe takes over and dominates again. Nash tags in and goes after AJ. Fast-paced action all around. Nash is portrayed as a babyface who got screwed over by Eric Young. Joe and AJ are back in. Nash tags in and punches AJ. Really good action here! Daniels tags in and cleans house. Everyone looks good so far. Daniels tries to tag AJ in, but AJ just hits a springboard moonsault to take out Joe on the floor. Daniels is left alone, and gets chokeslammed by Nash for the win. Post-match, Nash announced that he’s going after Eric Young.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash

To the back! JB pimps the backstage info, but is interrupted by Eric Young. Young says that he isn’t hard to find. He’s the guy who outsmaerted Kevin Nash at the ppv, and the leader of the most dominant faction in the company. Next week, he has a major announcement that will shake TNA to its foundations. “Veni, vidi, vici.” I like that as a catchphrase for World Elite.

To the back! Lauren interviews the Motor City Machine Guns! It’s the first ever Ultimate X match on network tv. Chris Sabin asks Lauren if she can smell it. That’s the smell of progress. The future Mr. Drowgoddess admits that Lethal Consequences may have a slight advantage, as LC didn’t pull double duty at “Bound for Glory.” It will be irrelevent when the MCMG pull down the X, and become the #1 Contenders to the TNA tag team titles. Alex Shelley is very hoarse, having been hit in the throat with a clothesline and can’t turn up his larynx. Shelley says that they were left off the memo of giving chances to the younger wrestlers on the roster, so they mean to make the most of this chance. They’ll do what they always do – make people pay attention to them. 

To the back! The Beautiful People claim to be shooting their new reality show, “Meanest Girls,” and they assault Taylor Wilde and Sarita at the catering line. Hot chicks food fight ensues. Huzzah! For you guys.

Match #4: Raisha Saeed vs. Awesome Kong: Saeed enters first. Kong enters second. Saeed uses quickness to roll away from Kong and dodge, hitting Kong with a dropkick. Kong overpowers Saeed anyway. Kong goes for a second-rope splash, but Saeed gets up and stops her. Saeed plants Kong with a top rope Fameasser-type move, but Kong kicks out. Saeed goes for a top rope splash, but Kong gets the knees up. Saeed counters the Implant Buster, and attempts to counter the Awesome Bomb, but Kong makes it a sitdown splash. Kong hits Saeed with the Implant Buster for the win. Post-match, Kong drags Saeed to the back. KOng powerbombs Saeed off the side of the ramp onto the pyro area. Medical help rushes in for Saeed.

 Winner: Awesome Kong

During the commercial break, Raisha Saeed gets stretchered out of the arena.

Match #5: Rhino vs. Hernandez: Team 3D joins the commentary table. I really like how TNA is announcing the matches as having specific time limits, and graphics come up with the wrestler’s name, hometown, height, and weight as he enters. Hernandez makes a spectacular dive over the top rope onto Rhino. The commentary with Team 3D completely dominates the match. Another solid power match. Both guys look really good. Hernandez wins with a top rope splash. Post-match, Rhino attacks Hernandez. Rhino misses a Gore, and Hernandez attempts a Border Toss over the top rope on Rhino. Team 3D rushes the ring and talks down Hernandez, who drops Rhino. Team 3D tells Hernandez that Rhino is not worth getting a suspension. Team 3D raises Hernandez’s hands, and they leave the ring together.

To the back! JB talks with Kurt Angle. Angle admits that he was wrong about the younger guys, but that Rhino is paranoid. Angle is interrupted by an admirer. Desmond Wolfe. The glasses come off. ROH fans know who this is! (ahem *Nigel McGuinness* ahem) Desmond Wolfe beats down Angle, puts his glasses back on, and leaves.

Match #6: Ultimate X tag team match, Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns: YES! The winner gets a title shot at the ppv. It’s the old school Ultimate X format, with the cables alone and no trusses. Forget calling this, you’re on your own! After a fantastic match that you just have to see for yourselves, the heavens align and the divine smiles upon me. Chris Sabin takes down the X for a MCMG victory!!! And it’s about damn time!

Winners and #1 Contenders to the TNA Tag Team titles at “Turning Point” against the British Invasion: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns

To the back! Lauren interviews the British Invasion. Brutus Magnus really is good on the mic when he has something to say. Alcohol and money are all Americans care about, and they will leave Beer Money sober and poor.

To the back! JB interviews Beer Money. James Storm is gold! He says that Robert Roode hasn’t been poor since the day he was born, and that he himself hasn’t been sober since the night he left Magnus’s mother’s house on the night he was conceived.

Match #7: Beer Money vs. the British Invasion (ch): This is a tag team title match contested under Six Sides of Steel rules. Roode and his taped ribs (courtesy of Rob Terry) start against Doug Williams. Roode has lots of trouble moving, and his ribs are targeted. Magnus tags in, and double-teaming of Roode ensues. Rob Terry is outside of the cage on the floor. Williams and Magnus isolate Roode and work him over severely. Roode eventually hits Magnus with a twisting high-angle spinebuster, but he hurts himself as badly. Storm finally tags in, and cleans house. The “Beer! Money!” chant. Storm gets a two-count on Williams. Williams tries to climb out of the cage. Storm climbs to stop him. Magnus stops Storm. Roode goes after Magnus. Tower of Doom from the top of the cage to the canvas! Wow! Beer Money hits Williams with the DWI and go for the pin. Magnus punches the referee. All the referees run down. Senior referee Earl Hebner disqualifies the British Invasion. Beer Money wins the match, but not the titles. It’s the last chance that Beer Money has at the titles. Hmm.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: the British Invasion 

Kurt Angle is coming to the ring, dressed to wrestle.

To the parking lot! Lauren asks AJ Styles if he and Daniels had any problems. AJ laughed it off and heads to his car. As Lauren turns away, AJ is attacked and left lying in the back of his car.

Kurt Angle calls out Desmond Wolfe to come get some if he means to make a name for himself at Angle’s expense. Nothing happens. Angle heads to the back. Wolfe attacks Angle. Angle gets the better of Wolfe, and rolls him into the ring. Wolfe low-blows Angle. Wolfe sets Angle up and drills him with the Tower of London in the ring corner. Angle lays there as Wolfe fetches a chair. He shoves it into Angle’s throat and grabs a mic. It will be this easy, Mr. Angle. He knows about Angle’s neck, and it will be this easy. But now, he just wants Angle to think about it. His name is Wolfe. Desmond Wolfe. Exeunt stage right.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Too much, too fast, not enough time to absorb things and make them the huge deals that they are. I really didn’t like how Matt Morgan seemed to be handed a victory by Bobby Lashley through the interference. Morgan just proved on Sunday how much better than that he is. That said, I enjoyed almost everything on this show. Homicide is being built up as a rogue X-Division guy whom no one can control. The world title scene involves Joe, AJ, and Daniels. Period. Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong are split, allowing Alissa Flash to get more tv time and ring action. Time limits of matches are being announced in advance. Beer Money vs the British Invasion was good, and yes, I’m including the ending in that. Though it was short by match type standards, there was an Ultimate X match on “iMPACT.” Chris Sabin won it. The Motor City Machine Guns FINALLY have a tag team title shot at the upcoming ppv. I’m going to bed happy.

Peace out,


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