Welcome back to Knoxville, Tennessee! Home to Impact tonight.

We start the show off with a Kurt Angle Promo, he proceeds to call out Roode and  brags about how he will remain the champion. Amidst the boos from Knoxville. Kurt Angle goes to leave but before he completely leaves the ramp he issues another challenge to Roode, he has put him in a handicap match against the owner Jeff Jarrett and Gunner.

We cut backstage where Jerry Lynn, RVD, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are fighting. Each against their perspective Bound For Glory opponent.

After commercial we shoot back to Daniels and Lynn beating Styles on their way to the ring. Once inside the double team beating continues until a late RVD comes for the assist. Once the match is underway it becomes a back and forth with Styles flipping outside the ring on Daniels and Lynn. Eventually leading to a styles clash to Daniels which he counters and in turn leads to Lynn getting clashed while Daniel walks back up the ramp. With an irate Styles looking on.

Next up Samoa Joe takes on Matt Morgan. He we watch as the Samoan submission machine goes from face to heel even deeper as he goes blow for blow with Morgan only to lose in the closing moments. (as far as how he lost my computer froze, so I’ll will guess in an embarrassing fashion) Joe snaps and puts Morgan in a modified ankle lock. Just when you thought you could predict the outcome, you do and Crimson comes out to save the day. Another ramp match announcement. This time it is for BFG, a triple threat match.

Yeah a Mexican America promo! I love this almost weekly occurrence of stereotypes. The proceed to call out Ink Inc. The usual high school banter begins on both sides about MA being hypocrites because they’re from this country. Hernandez and co don’t how to respond seeing as how minus Sarah Stock aka Sarita (who is Canadian) they attack. Usual ruckus happens with all four jumping them with Sarita in her glam face mask delivers some slaps until a ray of sunshine descends down the ramp. Christina Von Eerie! Cleaning house. Until she bumps into Hernandez who her real life boyfriend Jesse Neal takes out. Jesse ends with ” Bring all the women you want, we got ours!”

An X division tag match between the heels Austin Aries (c) and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorenson. A decent match with the obligatory heel turning on each other, leading to Aries going for his belt to use on Kendrick who ducks and applies sliced bread on Aries who land face first on the belt. Win for Kendrick/Sorenson.

Karen walks backstage with Traci by her side looking hateful. Its good to know someone is having a good time, you know with Karen all smiles.

Obviously the knockout segment is next. Velvet, Mickie, Winter and Angelina Love come out to what I assume was some kind of tag match, similar to Vinnie Mac’s biz, but shortly after out comes Karen, Traci and (ugh) Madison Rayne kicking ass as only she can. Between Rayne’s screeching ass kissing and Karen blatantly expressing how we all feel about the current Knockout division, that no one cares. She describes having to fight to put them on the card because no one wanted them. Then she verbally assaults Velvet before being shoved Vel and tripped by Traci leading to an all out knockouts cat fight. Wow how we have devolved.

This is the best representation of the current Division

Bully Ray talks about how Anderson better not make him made since he is the special enforcer for his match against Steiner.

AJ talks about how his and Daniels family aren’t speaking to each other leading to their I Quit match. Daniels comes from behind and attacks AJ choking him out with a camera cord?

Bully Ray /Steiner come out followed by Mr Anderson. Match is usual Immortal match with interference from Ray and eventually Abyss how clocks Steiner with a chain in full view of the ref  Anderson knocks down Abyss getting the pin on Steiner. Afterwards comes the Immortal beat down on Abyss with almost every available member before Anderson comes back only to get Bubba Bombed onto a table.

Angle backstage taunting Storm accusing Roode of knowing he was interfering in his match and pinned Storm anyway. Storm looks conflicted after he throws out Angle.

Updated BFG card is shown along with the ascension of Roode who a hardworking wrestler, when four years ago he was a rich tycoon similar to JBL but I digress. This is TNA where Velvet is a face and has had no previous attempts at the knockout title when she had like three when she was a heel. And she really believes she was a victim? But again back to Roode rich much? (Sorry for the rant it was bothering me)

hey if she can have a double so could Velvet. but likely not.

Roode beats Gunner with the Crossface while Jarrett wallows on the floor with Karen looking on. Afterwards (sigh) Immortal comes to the ring. Storm attempts to help until he is over whelmed. Then the former prodigal son Hardy cleans house giving Jarrett the twist of fate.

Jarrett yells at Hardy to leave and never come back or step foot in Philadelphia. Hardy says he’s buying his ticket.

Hogan and Joker-Sting come out to sign the contract. Hogan refuses to sign first. but eventually signs. Bischoff comes out to say he wants revenge for Sting touching him only for Hogan to bash Sting in the back with a chair. The show closes with Hogan foot on Stings throat.

here comes the smoke and mirrors

Here comes BFG, hopefully this means the end of Immortal and the a Bobby Roode title run.


  1. This didn't quite feel like a go-home show for what they portray as their "WrestleMania." It wasn't terrible either. The opening was excellent, more so from Roode's promo than Angle's. Perhaps Angle was to be portrayed as a cocky heel in order to make Roode's win more important? I don't know. Disagreed with the booking of a handicapped match, unless, again, that was the point. Brother Love booked this build, so I will wait and see.

    Hated the finish of the X-Division match, but otherwise was a fun watch.

    As much as I think that Angle/Roode and Daniels/Styles will deliver, I can't justify paying for this Sunday's show.

    I am much more curious how the change with Russo will affect next week's episode more than the PPV. This will be the first episode in lieu of this event.

  2. same here. I couldn't foresee such blatant disregard for something that should be the best ppv of the year.

  3. So little has felt special about anything except for Bobby Roode's title hunt, and then Hogan has to go and have an interview where he says, just days before the most important ppv that the company has, that Roode isn't ready. Roode isn't the man around whom the company should be built as a top babyface. The person Hogan feels should have that position? Jeff Hardy. Yup. That's not even defensible as kayfabe, that's essentially saying, "Don't buy this ppv." ANd they'll still wonder why no one does.

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