October 23, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight is the biggest show in the history of TNA’s Impact as TNA is on the road for the first time in its history for their weekly Impact show.

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The show starts off with a new, very good video package and then a brand new Impact opening video. We are live for the first time in a long time on Spike tonight! TNA has a huge video screen set up (I’m not sure if this is a part of the rumored new Impact set or just a one-time thing) which is a nice addition, and The Beautiful People’s music hits and we will kick tonight’s show off in the ring.

Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love & Kip James vs. Christy Hemme

Kip James is actually wearing a pink t-shirt tonight, wow. Christy and Velvet circle and Christy spears Velvet and then pummels her on the mat. The ref separates the two females and Velvet retreats to the corner, but Christy quickly charges in with a forearm to Velvet and then chops before the ref seperates them again. Hemme charges back at Velvet and Monkey Flip’s her out of the corner. Angelina distracts Christy and then sprays the hair spray in her face allowing Velvet to clothesline her. Velvet then slams Christy’s head into the mat with her hair. Velvet throws Christy by the hair across the ring while Mike Tenay announces that Kurt Angle has a big announcement tonight as well. Velvet drags Christy to the center of the ring and then stands on her hair while pulling her arms up in the air. Velvet then pulls on Christy’s arms while choking her with her boot. Velvet picks Christy up and then chops her before taking her to the corner and then mounts her on the top rope and slams Christy’s head into the corner. I’m not even going to begin to describe what that looked like, but it was, well, interesting. Christy quickly goes underneath Velvet and throws her to the mat. Velvet charges back at Christy in the corner, but Christy moves and then hits a big clothesline. Christy hits a flying double sledge and then ducks a clothesline Elix Skipper (Matrix) style, and then Christy with a kick to the gut. Christy then hits a modified Axe Kick followed by a Face Buster. Christy climbs to the top and Kip tries to stop her but gets slapped. Christy then hits the FFG (Flying Firecrotch Guillotine) for the pinfall and her biggest win in TNA!

Winner: Christy Hemme via pinfall (FFG)

Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside run down the card for tonight: Sheik Abdul Bashir defends the X-Division Title against Jay Lethal, Taylor Wilde defends the Knockout Title against Awesome Kong, Booker T. reveals the contents of his mystery briefcase, Team 3D will face Matt Morgan & Abyss, LAX, & Beer Money in the first ever Hardcore Tag Team Gauntlet, Samoa Joe & AJ Styles face TNA World Champ: Sting & Kevin Nash in the Main Event, and Mick Foley’s major announcement! It’s a stacked card!

In the back Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Kurt says that he has a blockbuster announcement tonight. Kurt says that after seeing Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley talk about this huge announcement tonight he thought he had to do something distract. He says that tonight he will change the face of Wrestling not just TNA. The camera then pans over to Booker T. and he says that they have the elite. He says that in his country the lion runs in packs and that the veterans in TNA are the Lions of TNA. Kevin Nash is sitting on the couch with Booker T. and says that this business is about money, power, and respect. Kevin Nash says in the bible it says that with gray hair comes wisdom and he tried to give Samoa Joe wisdom, but all he did was spit in his face. Nash says that its always been a business to him but Joe made it personal. JB says that the odds are stacked against these legends with all the young guys. Kurt says that wrestling was built on honor, dignity, and respect and that he has one more member. Sting then walks into the room dressed in a suit without face paint. Sting says they tried to get respect individually and that together they have about 75 years of history in the business. Sting says there will be no more asking, only demanding. Sting walks out of the room and then Kurt Angle makes a toast to the “Main Event Mafia” that was born tonight. Wow, I have got to say that that segment really seemed like we just witnessed a piece of history. I love how this angle is going and now we have an actual stable being built called the Main Event Mafia. What a way to start off tonight.

Back from commercials Lauren is outside of the arena awaiting Mick Foley’s arrival. A limo pulls up but then a small Volkswagen pulls up and Mick Foley gets out. Lauren asks Mick about the announcement but says he is going to wait until later, and Mick says that its real big.

Booker T. Reveals the Contents of the Briefcase

Booker T.’s music hits and the Main Event Mafia member is on his way to reveal what’s in that briefcase he’s been carrying around. Booker says that the time has come to share with us something that will change the landscape of TNA. He says that it will immortalize himself forever. Booker opens the briefcase and pulls out a Championship Belt bag and pulls out a beautiful looking belt. It has a red strap (ala old school NWA Title) and it’s pretty large. He calls the “TNA Legends Championship” and that it belongs to him and him only. Christian’s music hits and The Instant Classic spoils Booker’s speech. Christian says that to him a legend has a few meanings, but it isn’t some guy that looks like some “Lil’ Jon impersonator” and speaks with a ridiculous accent. Christian says that to him a legend is someone who’s track record is so great it commands respect. Christian says Booker doesn’t get that respect and that Booker comes out and thinks people should respect him for getting a Title that he didn’t beat anyone for. Booker asks Christian if he can ask him and question and Christian replies with, “YEAAAAAH” Lil’ Jon style, and Booker says he’s serious. Christian isn’t serious though and says “OKAAAAY” and then “WHAAAT?!” Booker turns back into his regular self and says he’s about to “bust yo punk…” before Sharmell cuts him off. Booker then reverts to his stupid accent and says that tonight is a celebration and that it’s not about him, but it’s about Christian. He says that Christian is a legend and offers Christian a spot in the Main Event Mafia. Christian turns it down and then challenges Booker for the new Legends Title for Turning Point. Booker says that Christian deserves a title shot and accepts the challenge, but if Booker wins then Christian joins the MEM no questions.

In the back Lauren is with Matt Morgan and Abyss. Matt says that Abyss isn’t going to the ring tonight while Abyss argues with him over it. Matt says that at BFG Abyss suffered 3rd degree burns to 10% of his body. Matt says that it was his fault so he’s taking care of things tonight himself. Abyss says that he has to think for himself and that he will heal, but they have unsettled business with Kurt Angle tonight. Again, Matt says that Abyss isn’t wrestling or fighting tonight, but when he walks off Abyss says he has to do something about Kurt.

Back from commercials JB is in the back with Jeff Jarrett. JB again asks about the announcement and Jeff says he’s not going to spoil it. Jeff says that he is not facing Kurt again.

TNA X-Division Championship
“Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir (c) vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

TNA even has a cool new graphic for the title matches. Sheik prays to the title before the match. Bashir attacks Lethal before the bell and punches away at his head. Bashir with a full arm twist and then a back suplex. Basher again with right hands and then hits a snapmare, and locks in a reverse chinlock. Bashir attempts a clothesline on Lethal as they get to their feet, but Lethal ducks it and hits a Head Scissors Takeover. Lethal attempts to whip Bashir into the ropes but Bashir reverses it and goes for a clothesline. Lethal back handsprings off the ropes over Bashir’s clothesline and then hits a dropkick sending Bashir to the outside. Lethal then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Bashir on the floor as the fans chant “TNA!” Lethal throws Bashir back into the ring and goes for the Flying Elbow Drop, but Bashir moves out of the way and hits the WMD for the surprising and disappointing victory. I’m not sure what to think about that, but it is highly disappointing.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champ: Sheik Abdul Bashir via pinfall (WMD)

In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. AJ says that he doesn’t know how things came to this. AJ says TNA is falling apart because of this rivalry between the veterans and the young guys. AJ says its not about them but its about TNA. Joe calls Nash a scumbag and then pushes AJ away. Joe says that Nash made what you see tonight and that Frankenstein is coming home tonight. Joe says that he took his title so he’s going to take his career.

TNA runs another Who is Suicide commercial.

Back from commercials Rhino says that he’s tired of hearing about Bashir’s political crap. Rhino says that he accepts the open challenge that Bashir is constantly talking about, and that someone needs to deport him and that someone might be him. As Rhino turned to walk away Bashir low blows him and then hits him with a microphone. Bashir then chokes him with his towel and screams and spits on him.

Hardcore Tag Team Gauntlet Match
Beer Money Inc. vs. L.A.X. vs. Team 3D vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss

The rules of this match are that its over the top rope elimination rules into its down to two teams (or two men) and then its pinfall or submission. “Cowboy” James Storm of Beer Money is the first man out for the gauntlet match and the second man in will be Brother Ray of Team 3D. As Ray slides into the ring Storm attacks him and pummels him on the mat. Ray then hits a big chop on Storm and then chops away at him again. Ray whips Storm into the ropes and then hits a hip toss followed by a clothesline. Ray picks Storm up and hits a Scoop Slam as the countdown ticks down. Ray attempts to eliminate Storm but he is able to catch himself. The next man in will be James Storm’s partner Robert Roode. Roode & Storm immediately double team Ray in a corner. Roode attempts to whip Ray into the corner but Ray reverses it and charges, but Roode gets his boot up and Storm hits a big Enziguri followed by a Blockbuster from Roode off the middle drop! Storm and Roode then hit a Double Suplex as the countdown ticks down again. The next man in will be Ray’s partner Devon. Devon comes in and hits rights to both Beer Money members and then hits a clothesline on Roode and a Shoulder Block on Storm. Devon hits another clothesline on Roode, but Storm grabs him and whips into a corner. Storm charges but Devon moves out of the way and then hits a big Flying Clothesline. Ray whips Roode into the ropes and they hit a big Sidewalk Slam/Leg Drop combo on Roode. The clock ticks down again and the next man in is Hernandez who hits a slingshot into a Double Clothesline on both Team 3D members. He hits clotheslines on both Beer Money members and then back body drops Storm. Roode hits a big kick on Hernandez but then Hernandez comes back with a huge Shoulder Block that sends Roode across the ring. Storm climbs to the top and attempts a Flying Cross Body, but Hernandez catches him and turns into a Sitout Powerbomb! Hernandez mounts Devon in a corner and punches away at him until Ray attacks him from behind. Ray puts Hernandez on his shoulders and Devon comes off the top with a Doomsday Device Clothesline as the clock ticks down. Next man in is Homicide. Homicide immediately climbs to the top rope and hits a Double Missile Dropkick on 3D. Homicide hits right hands on both 3D members and then attempts to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it. Devon charges at Homicide in the corner but he catches him with a big back elbow. Homicide then climbs to the top and hits a Tornado DDT on Devon. Ray charges at Homicide in the corner and Homicide moves. Homicide then climbs back to the top. Ray tries to cut him off but Homicide pokes him in the eye and then hits a Dragonrana off the top. Homicide attempts to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it and goes for clothesline, but Homicide ducks and hits a Corkscrew Back Elbow. The clock ticks down again and the next man in is Matt Morgan. Morgan comes in and hits a clothesline to Roode, a Big Boot to Storm, a Fall Away Slam on Homicide. Morgan picks Homicide up and throws him over the top rope eliminating him and then does the same thing to Devon! Morgan whips Hernandez into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Hernandez kicks him in the face sending him back into a corner. Hernandez then charges at Morgan with a Big Splash attempt but Morgan uses his momentum to send him over the top eliminating LAX! The clock ticks down again and Abyss makes is way down to the ring as Morgan is pissed. As Morgan is arguing at Abyss it allows Roode and Ray to come from behind and eliminate Morgan! On the outside Beer Money beat on Abyss as David Penzer announces that tables are legal. Ray tells the eliminated Devon to get the tables as Beer Money continue to beat on Abyss. Devon slides in a table to Ray and pulls out some lighter fluid. Abyss fights back on Beer Money as the fans toss lighters into the ring. As Ray attempted to light the table Abyss goes nuts and attacks 3D. Abyss picks up a lighter and teases lighting the table, but Devon low blows him. 3D then double clothesline Abyss over the top eliminating him. That makes it now Beer Money vs. Team 3D in a straight up tag match (rules to Tag Team Gauntlets are that eliminated members of a team return when there are two teams left). Beer Money attack 3D from behind. 3D comes back and Ray throws Storm to the outside as Roode sets up to Suplex Devon through the table, but Devon blocks it and then they hit the 3D on Roode through the table! Jacqueline pulls the referee out before he can make the pinfall. Storm runs in the ring and spits beer into Devon’s face and gets the pinfall on Devon to win the match! That was complete insanity.

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Main Event Mafia’s founder is on his way to the ring. Kurt says that tonight as a historical night due to the birth of the Main Event Mafia. He says they will change the face of Professional Wrestling forever. Kurt tells Jeff that he hasn’t forgotten about him and that he doesn’t give a damn about Mick Foley’s announcement. Kurt tells Jeff that he’s not playing about going to “visit” his daughters and then tests TNA’s live censors with a couple of four letter words. Kurt then tells Jeff to be a man and look him in the face and that immediately brings out Jeff Jarrett. Jeff says that its over and TNA has the best talent in the world so there is no reason for him to be in the ring. Jeff says that he is going to pass the torch, and that its not about them anymore but about guys like AJ, Joe, Lethal, and the Motor City Machine Guns. Kurt cuts him off and says that he is TNA. Kurt says that he is the greatest wrestler to ever live, and that he doesn’t give a damn about him or TNA. Kurt says the only thing he cares about is whooping Jeff’s ass tonight. Jeff then says whether he likes it or not he has to take no for an answer, and says that there is a locker room full of guys that would love to take Kurt on. Abyss shows up behind Kurt and Jeff says there is someone standing right behind that would love to. Abyss starts laughing and lays Kurt out. Abyss then goes to Chokeslam Kurt but Angle kicks him in the knee and charges, but Abyss goes for the Black Hole Slam. Kurt is able to escape it and runs out of the ring quickly as Jeff Jarrett looks on laughing.

TNA shows a video package highlighting Kurt Angle and then one highlighting Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong’s feud.

In the back Lauren is with Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong. Raisha says that Kong is sick and tired of Taylor Wilde and that she wants new blood. Raisha says after tonight it will be no more and that she will take back what belongs to her, the Knockout Title. Raisha says that tonight will not just be Taylor Wilde’s last match with Kong, but her last match period. They cut to JB who is with Taylor. Taylor says she’s going to exactly what she’s been doing and that Kong is going to have to end her career to take her title.

TNA Knockout Championship
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed

Kong charges right at Taylor at the bell and goes for a clothesline, but Taylor ducks and hits leg kicks and chops. Taylor then comes off the ropes charging at Kong but Kong levels her. Kong then goes for a Big Splash but Taylor moves and hits an Elbow Drop. Taylor comes off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick attempt, but Kong catches her in midair with a big clothesline for a two count. Kong throws Taylor all the way across the ring and then sets her up in the ropes and hits a big chop. Kong puts Taylor in the corner and chokes her with her boot Kevin Nash style. Kong then whips her in the opposite corner and hits a big Running Splash! Taylor fights back with body shots but Kong counters with a Chokeslam for another nearfall. Kong sets up for the Awesome Bomb but Taylor counters it into a Facebuster. Taylor with a big dropkick and then another one, and then she climbs to the top rope and hits the Missile Dropkick for a close two count! Taylor hits a big hurricanrana into a pin but only gets a two count. Taylor comes off the ropes but Raisha trips her. Taylor is pissed and attacks Raisha but this allows Kong to kick her in the back of the head. Kong this time nails a vicious Awesome Bomb for the pinfall to become the Knockout Champion once again!

Winner & NEW Knockout Champ: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Awesome Bomb)

In the back the Main Event Mafia are talking as we get set for the Main Event next.

As we comeback from commercial wrestling legend Nick Bockwinkel is in attendance tonight.

Main Event
Main Event Mafia (“The Icon” Sting & “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash) vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Joe looks focused and pissed as he comes to the ring and goes right for Sting & Nash, but the ref holds him back. At the bell Nash quickly goes after AJ but AJ ducks his clothesline attempt and hits a big right hand. AJ hits shoulder blocks on Nash in the corner and then attempts to whip Nash out of the corner, but Nash blocks it and then hits a big knee to the gut. AJ quickly tags out to Samoa Joe and Nash retreats to his corner and tags in Sting. Joe and Sting start trading shots in the middle of the ring, but Sting gets the better of Joe with a kick to the gut and then an eye poke. Sting attempts to whip Joe in the corner but Joe reverses it and hits a big running back elbow followed by a big Enziguri. Joe bring Sting to his corner and tags in AJ. AJ hits a scoop slam followed by a Flying Knee Drop and then hits a discuss punch to Nash on the floor. That allowed Sting to recover and hit a jawbreaker on AJ followed by a clothesline from the outside by Nash. Sting tags in Nash as we go to commercial. Back from commercials Nash tags in AJ. AJ with body shots to Sting but Sting comes back with an eye poke and sends AJ into the ropes. Sting goes for a back body drop, but AJ hits a sunset flip for a two count. Sting goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits the Pelay out of nowhere! Sting tags in Nash but AJ is able to dive and tag in Joe too! Nash goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks and hits jabs and body punches. Joe then comes off the ropes and Nash goes for a clothesline, but Joe ducks and then hits a big dropkick! Joe then hits the Back Splash Senton for a two count. Joe with a headbutt and right hands and Joe attempts to put Nash on the top rope, but Nash blocks it. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash on Joe but Joe moves and Sting hits Nash! Joe with a big shot to Sting and then throws Sting to the floor, and Nash nails Joe with the TNA Title belt to get the pinfall!

Winners: Sting & Kevin Nash via pinfall

After the match AJ dropkicks Nash’s knee and nails Sting. Joe’s head is busted open. AJ hits a low blow on Nash and then continues to go at it with the MEM. Joe puts Nash in the Coquina Clutch as AJ pummels Sting in the corner! Joe looks insane as his eyes are rolling back into his head as he chokes Nash out, but Kurt Angle and Booker T. run out to make the save. Booker hits AJ over the head with the Legends Title. AJ is busted open now as the MEM continue to assault Joe and AJ. They celebrate in the middle of the ring after the beat down.

Mick Foley’s Major Announcement

Sounds like TNA has Mick a new remixed theme song. Mick thanks the fans as they chant “Foley.” Mick says that its major declaration time in TNA. Mick says that Jeff told him that he knew Mick has made a lot of money in this business and brings up the rumor that Mick was the cheapest wrestler of all time. Mick says that Jeff told him that Jeff told him that since he hasn’t used up most of his money then maybe he’d want to make an investment, but before he can continue the Main Event Mafia comes out to the ring. Booker, Nash, & Sting remain at the entrance while Kurt comes to the ring. Kurt says that a few weeks ago Mick said he was going to “take a Kurt and wipe his Angle” and Kurt immediately headbutts Mick. Kurt then asked him if he thought that was funny. Mick gets to his feet and laughs and says that it was kind of funny. Mick then says that Jeff asked Mick if he was willing to make a major investment in TNA and that he is now a major shareholder in TNA! Mick then says that Kurt just headbutted his new boss. Mick gets a cheap pop and then says that the first thing he’s going to say is “YOU’RE FREE!” and says that Kurt is free to work here if wants to. Mick starts getting emotional about believing and caring in TNA. Mick says he believes in all the wrestlers at TNA and asks Kurt if he remembers what it was like when they were in WWE (that got a ton of boos) when they felt like something major was going to happen. Mick says that they are on the verge of being involved with something very big again. Mick says his question to Kurt is, “Do you want to be a part of history or do you simply want to be history?” He says that the choice is up to Kurt as confetti rains down. As the confetti falls Kurt walks back up the ramp where the rest of the Main Event Mafia is talking.

Final Thoughts

Tonight was supposed to be one of the biggest nights in TNA’s history, and they definitely treated it that way. It had to have been the most advertised Impact in TNA’s history and it was of course the first Impact outside of Orlando, Florida. They opened with a brand new intro and had a new, very good looking set that had a big video screen. They also had new graphics for replays, Intros, and Title matches. With all of that said, I was a little disappointed tonight. First off, not a single match over 11 minutes in what is supposed to be a big part of TNA’s history and 2 of those matches were Title matches. For those matches to be that short for a 2 hour show then the announcement they made should’ve been as big as it was advertised. It wasn’t. Mick being a big part of TNA is a great thing but it isn’t the huge monumental thing it was built up to be, and with that there should of been some really great wrestling tonight. The Main Event Mafia forming was a bigger deal to me than Mick’s huge announcement. All that said the crowd was at least red hot all night long and showed why TNA really needs to get out of the Impact Zone as fast as possible. I’m going to run down the actual matches and segments now.

The opening Knockouts Match between Velvet Sky and Christy Hemme was decent for a 3 minute match and Christy looked very good in the match.

The Main Event Mafia formation segment was done extremely well and was really good. I love how they were all wearing suits Mafia style. It was just a really done segment all around, and I love the name. Now, they need to form a young Lion’s stable or something and get this feud really popping.

The Booker T. Legends Title segment was okay, and I’m still not sure how I feel about this new title. They really didn’t explain anything. Is this Title just going to be for wrestlers that can be considered “Legends” or is it going to be defended against everyone? Its good that TNA has a new Title that they can introduce and give non-X-Division guys that aren’t in the main event picture a title to feud over. The Christian/Booker match should be great, and Christian was really on it tonight with the Lil’ Jon impersonations. I love how Booker turns back into OG Booker when he gets pissed off too.

Now to the X-Division Championship which was a match I was really looking forward to. This might’ve been the most disappointing thing all night, just as the match started to get going it ended. For what? You build Lethal up so much, he wins The Asylum Match and then hes defeated in under 2 minutes? Really?! That made absolutely no sense whatsover. I was actually shocked by this and now they’re going to have Sheik feud wit Rhino? Wow, that really came out of nowhere. If that’s how their going to go with it then take the belt off of Sheik and let him wrestle heavyweights and do whatever. Just really disappointing.

I loved Joe & AJ’s promo in the back. Joe looks like he’s going to go back to that monster he was in the X-Division.

The Hardcore Tag Team Gauntlet was insane, I had trouble keeping up with everything. It was really good but I just wish they would’ve made things more clear on it. I was under the impression it was a Hardcore Match (no rules) until right before the match when they announced the fans would vote on the only weapon that would be legal. Had it been a Hardcore Gauntlet it would’ve probably been that much better, but overall a really good match.

The Knockouts Title match was at least a little longer than the X-Division Title but it was still under 4 minutes. It’s going to be even more disappointing if Taylor honestly doesn’t get a rematch as it was good as long as it lasted. They need to go at it one-on-one on the PPV.

The Main Event was really solid, great energy from all 4 guys, they all had good chemistry, and the crowd was and again it was just too short. The Main Event under 7 minutes? That’s just not acceptable and again another cheap finish too.

Mick Foley’s promo was probably the best he’s had since being in TNA and it was great to see that he’s going to be a big part of TNA from hear on out, but again not what they were hyping it up as.

Overall it was a good show, not great and TNA needed to have a great show tonight. We’ll see where they go from here.

– Match of the Night: Hardcore Tag Team Gauntlet: LAX vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D vs. Morgan & Abyss
– Segment/Promo of the Night: Main Event Mafia formation
– Overall Grade: B

Lineup for Turning Point (so far):
– TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. Christian Cage

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