We start with a replay of the main event title match at Genesis. Where the heelish Roode kicks the ref to get disqualified to hold on the world title. Hardy twist of fate’s him and leaves a selfish Robert kissing the title.

Roode comes out with a cocky demeanor. Taking his time as the crowd boos him for cheating Hardy. Roode wants to call out Jeff to shake his hand. But instead gets Sting. Who tells The Selfish One that he will have a rematch with Hardy tonight. But this time if Roode tries to cheat his disqualification will result in the title changing hands. Roode throws a temper tantrum before we leave for commerical break.

We come back to a daytime promo of Crimson who is coming out of a Direct Auto Insurance location running into Morgan. They shoot the sh@# for lack of a better term about how Direct Auto is like family before Morgan reminds Crimson that they have a match tonight against the tag team Job Squad  Robbie E and Robbie T. Awkward.

To make this sound better The two Robs don’t put up much offense considering that Robbie E keeps wanting to be tagged in when Rob T gets them down only to lose the advantage and be forced to scurry back over to Rob T. Blue Streak (Morgan & Crimson) make short work of them sending Robbie E for a double chokeslam ride to retain the belts. My how the Television title must be collecting dust for this squash. Oh and Magnus and Joe come out after the match and beat down on the champion.

We are introduced to “The Journey of Garett Bischoff” where we go through all his battles and eventual injury leading up to his return. And that is followed up by his father Eric Bischoff coming out and reminding all of us of his greatest hits. Which more than likely ended up in the five dollar bin next to Boston, the band not the city. Garett comes out and tells his dad that he will (like a cockroach) keep coming back no matter what he does. This leads to a father son bonding session where Garett puts his hands on his dad telling him to never touch him again. Because parental child abuse and “where did he touch you on the bear?” is riveting stuff.

We have a backstage segment where Winter and Angelina go over there accomplishments in the Knockout Division, Winter being a two time champion which lasted less than 3 weeks. And Angelina’s five knockout title wins, you know back when she wasn’t a time traveling zombie but a Beautiful Person. Winter opponent is the none other than the love birds ODB w/ EY.  We get the usual lock up from Eric Young which the crowd eats up. The sideshow continues as EY runs around the ring getting the crowd laughing. After a pretty decent match where OD grabs her boobs and slaps her ass like a monkey so many times that I think she needs to seek sexaul harassment training. All this before the obligatory run in from Angelina which is foiled by EY who Gorilla Monsoon’s her with a Airplane Spin making him and her dizzy. (overbooking) causing EY to comically drop out of the ring through the ropes. ODB capitalizes with a F5 variation called The Bam giving her the three.

AJ Styles comes to the ring to call out Kaz to figure what happened last week to cause his partner to walk. What I proceed to witness is a married couple fight. That is until the mistress Christopher Daniels walks down to the ring to direct Kazarian out of the ring like his bitch. Laughing at AJ until she, he attacks him. Kaz pulls Daniels out of the ring.

An Abyss and Bully Ray segment airs. Then shifts to Ray in the back with Roode who is distraught over his rematch with Hardy. Ray makes a crack about Roode being angry because Ray is trending on twitter. The Bully promises to have Roode’s back tonight as long as he gets a title shot.

James Storm who is still livid over losing to Angle Genesis night with a cheap low blow and kick to the head, heads down where he calls out Angle. In a replay from a couple months ago Angle isn’t prepared to wrestle. But Sting tells him he has till the end of the commercial break to get ready. Angle who is almost counted out gets his but handed to him in the early part of he match until he takes control after what could be described as a good match full of reverses, competitors using the others show move and near falls leads to Storm dropping Angle with a front lung blower and following up with a super kick for three.

World title match. Jeff makes a promo where he says he’s ending the selfish generation tonight when he wins the title. When Roode won’t step in the ring when Jeremy Borash is announcing him Hardy baseball slides out of the ring. After earlier dominance where Jeff walked Roode around throwing him into everything he can gets his hands on. That is until a misplaced steel steps jumps rattles Hardy stupid leading to a double 10 count which is when the first 10 count is restated after one of the wrestlers rolls back in. Roode takes control where he lays down Jeff with a blockbuster and the double R spinebuster. Jeff makes a comeback after a stunner and a twist of fate followed by a swanton. Just as the refs hand is coming down for three Ray pulls out the Referee. Causing Hardy to dive outside the ring after him. In all the confusion where Hardy is screaming at the entrance ramp whats going on which causes Hardy’s music to play signaling the end of the show.


  1. Breaking up the original Beautiful People was the worst idea. Having Madison Rayne as their "pledge" was fun, and all but guaranteed her a huge reaction when she eventually stood up to Love and Sky, and got a clean victory over one or the other of them. Sure, it's extremely predictable, but that isn't inherently bad. Sometimes knowing where you'll end up, but not how you'll get there, is the most exciting trip.

    I like the teaming of Joe and Magnus, but if they're going to be tag champs, do it now. Morgan and Crimson do nothing for me.

    I hear that Alex Shelley is returning and making a beeline for Austin Aries. Sweet merciful jeebus, let this be true! Why Shelley hasn't been used makes no sense. If he was injured as well as Sabin, then I've never read about it. Aries/Shelley gives me a reason to live.

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