Roode comes out. The cocky heel is eladed that in one week he will be the longest reigning TNA World Champion in the history of the company. He wants to throw a bash. So he calls out Hogan and gives him his list of demands

What got me was Canadian confetti, where champions are made. I couldn’t stop laughing. Hogan playing the face GM tears up his demands and tells him that he will defend the title on Open Fight Night. So Hogan sets up some matches for tonight, Bully Ray vs RVD, Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe vs Angle and a Battle Royal. After all that Hogan will pick the challenger for next week.

That is a whole lot of matches for just one contender but Hogan is the face GM and impartial.

First up is Bully Ray vs RVD which should make everyone nostalgic for ECW but that would be the wrong company. Bully Ray takes on Van Dam’s injured parts and pulls out a victory. I have a feeling one day that they will put the belt on Bully Ray and I would be fine with that.

King Mo is coming to TNA and I’m late on that but yeah I saw the video and thought okay I could see that once he’s done healing his knee. Then I went online and saw that Brooke Hogan would be in charge of the knockouts in a backstage compacity? Because she has been involved in the business for ever like Garett so automatically she is given a job that would put her on TV more which since her dad has been on TNA she has made numerous blink and miss em appearances. But now she is directing the knockouts?! Where is Dutch (Mantel) when you need him.

End rant. The mystery of who is Madison’s suitor is now on the mind of creative. She bails on Gail as she follows the scent of love. Then the Hooter’s girl and the would be porn star (had she not tried wrestling) Ms Tessmacher (former) and Velvet Sky (latter) confront Mrs (Recently got married and can’t remember the guys name) Gail and tell her she will be losing the title tonight. Yeah she should be so shaking in her boots.

Then we have the Battle Royal, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Gunner, Crimson, Eric Young, Garett Bishoff, Devon, Magnus, The Two Robbies  and ODB?! Make their way to the ring in what must surely be a farce. Crimson goes out with EY and ODB who clothesline him so hard that all THREE go out! So now Crimson is feuding with EY and ODB, Rob E takes out his partner Rob T before being thrown out by Devon who is soon taken out by Garett who he in turn is taken out by AJ. AJ, Gunner and Aries are left. Gunner throws out Aries but is taken out by AJ with a Samoan Drop. AJ wins as Madison during the course of the match is making Googley eyes at someone in the match. Money’s on Crimson. Because then it can be a mixxed tag team feud for the KO tag belts no one wants. YEAH! everyone’s a winner.

AJ secret tryst with Dixie is furthered along when Daniels brings out some video of her and Styles going to a Hotel/Motel. I love heel Daniels and his “Bob Van Dam” name calling.

Oh and Jeff Hardy beat Anderson. Highlights from past TNA PPV play Lockdown 2008, Genesis 2006 and so on.

Gail beats Velvet and Tessmacher after Velvet hit “In your face” on Tessmacher but Kim stole the pin.

Joe vs Angle, a good match but not up to par with Genesis 2006 Angle wins.

Roode comes out to close the show while all the winners come out like lions circling a Gazelle.

Next Week Open Fight Night, and a special announcement.

Spoiler: iMPACT WRESTLING goes live on throughout the summer.


  1. I'm totally happy they are going live. The experiment has an expiry date during a low ratings period. If they botch it, they have an out. But I'm hoping they don't. The live flow should slow them down a little more, towards building stories on a better level. They've noticeably been doing so under Bro Love. However, they've also slowed down on a number of terrible things too. It might expose them, but I'm hoping it forces them to improve and bring a better product to the table.

    • I just hope it succeeds and they move to more live events so we can expect a more excited crowd on top of being live. I have hope with the gut check challenge we see more Knockouts and X division stars making their way into the program especially with Anthony Neese leaving.

  2. Brooke Hogan? In charge of the Knockouts? Frequently on tv with daddy?

    This is why people stop believing in God.

    • Ditto on that Drow, I don't see how this could lead to anything good that Ms. Brooks couldn't of done herself. But with her fired and Karen (thankfully) gone this is what we get hopefully we don't have another Lacey Von Erich situation coming.

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