Earlier when the prospect of TNA revamping its product and becoming iMPACT Wrestling arose I had an epiphany. What could be more awesome than what was going through my mind in terms of the available talent. I’ve touched on Orlando Jordan, Eric Young and the X division. I admit I only glazed over the division  but a more in depth plan will be done later along with the world X cup.

For now, we have the Tag Team Division.

Tag teams has been an important part of wrestling for decades. In TNA it has been toted as the crown jewel by some fans, even erupting into arguments about its superiority to the ROH tag division. It is (was) a debatable argument but as of late the lack of attention and focus on the division has made it a shell of its former self. Once proud teams as The Motor City Machine Guns, British Invasion/London Brawling,Ink Inc, Gen Me, and finally the champs Beer Money, have either faced injury or have been p0sitioned in other divisions.

When all these factors came into play all that went through my mind was “this division still has promise minus certain teams.” what teams you might add? Well I feel that the British Invasion has really been well done in 2009 -2010, so to revisit it would be stale. Give Magnus his singles push and the same goes for Doug Williams until Nigel Desmond Wolfe comes back the point is really moot. Same with the Machine Guns they’ve been champs and put on the best of five series against Beer Money put Shelley and Sabin in the lacking X Division for the time being until the roster has been given a personality. So who does that leave? Gen Me, Ink Inc and the reigning champs Beer Money.

First off we need a number one contenders match. Ink Inc alongside Christina Von Eerie vs Gen Me, this feud could last a good four months. Leading up to the winner facing Beer Money at Bound for Glory. Hey if the Angle/Jarrett feud can go for 7 months, why can’t two young tag teams burn up the Impact Zone. But what about personality? With four months of build up, what better way to display the back and forth then the reaction cam. Promos are a intricate part of wrestler development when used for character expansion rather than 20 minutes of Immortal.

This could set up not only new tag champs but further feuds against newly formed or returning favorites.

Two scenarios stood out to me. 1st Ink Inc/w Christina Von Eerie are the new champs. But are heels. After going to the limit with Beer Money and winning cleanly have them come out the following week proclaiming The Book of Dilligaf has annoted them the best tag team in iMPACT Wrestling. No better collection of two men and women has ever been produced. Hit Fortune’s music. Daniels and Styles take offense to those comments and challenges Ink Inc that night on Impact. Due to interference from Eerie with the book, Ink Inc retains setting up another feud. Or.

Gen Me wins. Shoot a short segment where Tara comes out to congratulate the two with a kiss and a pat on the butt. Which leaves the two stunned as they thank the crowd for their support throughout the months leading to BFG. Talking about how as brothers they are stronger than ever. And welcome all challengers. Cue intro music. Kiyoshi followed by Okado set up and (hopefully know English) shoot a segment about ill treatment and being buried by the American company as side show attractions. Title the team The Rising Sons, and have them push Gen Me to the limits on Impact leading to a disqualification or count out. This would leave the challenge unfulfilled progressing the feud. Have the Rising Sons beat on other under-established teams, Terry and Gunner, a onetime reformed British Invasion making them out to be a threat for a young Gen Me to reckon with.

So what do we have to work with in the Knockout Tag Division? Absolutely nothing outside of The Sitas and Winter/Love. Not much of a division but seeing as how you already have the belts lets play crossover match. The Sitas need challengers, so who better than another family tag team. With TNA Impact invading AAA wouldn’t it benefit the Sitas to have to take on the Apache sisters? With no in company rivals the Apache Sisters would be excellent challengers for Tag Champs Sarita/Rosita on Impact. Introduce them with a promo talking about how they want to return the favor to TNA. And what better way then to take down the tag team champions.

For one this could be a true test for Rosita since making her debut she hasn’t displayed much in her wrestling arsenal.

So leave some comments on how this could or couldn’t work. Until next time when I delve into the Knockout Roster itself.



  1. I could see many of the proposed tag angles working. With the MCMG's on the shelf, and Beer Money currently in limbo due to Roode's potential singles breakout (which I still argue doesn't mean the team has to split up… that cliche is so tired), Gen Me and Ink. Inc is a good place to start. Bringing in Von Eerie as the manager/valet role for Ink Inc makes sense, and would set up the inter-related feud with Tara if they were to renew her link to Gen Me.

    Where that leaves Mexican America, Jordan/Young, and other teams miring in obscurity, I'm not sure. Perhaps it would be better to have the other teams do the enhancement role to build up competition towards a number one contender match?

  2. That would be my point exactly. I've never liked Mexican America, Hernandez just isn't committed enough to the role. And Anarquia sounds like Chavo on helium. Orlando would be better suited to a singles push in the same way Eric Young should be pushed. Also too many tag teams being featured would bog down the program. I have always believed, similar to the 80's there may have been other teams but most of the focus was on the Champions and the number one contender.

    • The M.A. crew is too over the top, and ridiculously racist to work for me right now. A forced L.A.X. (which certainly had it's own stereotypical character flaws). To borrow from Dave Lagana, "I Want Tag Teams." 🙂

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