So we had a lackluster Lockdown 2012 ending with Roode retaining in the flukest way possible. Now we have the champion gloating about his win, but wait we have Mr. Anderson who stilled PO’ed about the beer bottle win from a few weeks back. New Challenger? Well then we get Jeff Hardy who seems to be wanting his turn now that Kurt Angle is out of the picture in another ridiculous feud that started over Hardy having hair and Kurt not.


Hulk Hogan announces that he wants all the champions in the ring. And makes a match for the number one contendership. That fake laughing Hogan.


Tag match involving the other disappointment of the night Matt Morgan and Crimson who are now involved in a tag match against each other. With Bully Ray and Aries thrown to compress the feud.

Ray wins after pulling the tights of Aries. If that wasn’t bad enough here comes Garett Bischoff.

Jeff Hardy talks about how kurt is to blame for his not having the title. Because you know it wasn’t drugs or nothing.  Yeah here comes Garett.

Oh wait he has brought out the heavy lifters of the match, AJ, RVD and Anderson. He talks. I fast forward.

And then Flair comes out to talk bout a going away party for a man that shouldn’t be on my TV. Because him and Bischoff are friends what bio did I read where he talks about the disdain that he has for that man?

OH Yeah!

Dangling plot threads abound about AJ Styles, Kazarian and Daniels, will we get are answers probably not but I like Daniels and that non funny Armenian bastard named Kazarian.

AJ and Kurt have a match that is of course nothing short an excellent example of wrestling when Daniels/Kazarian hand Styles the dreaded envelope which distracts AJ long enough for Kurt to get the pin.

Abyss’s brother corners Gunner. And because Gunner’s no snitch he walks away only to have Mr. Park threaten him with legal action. Well the no snitching policy evaporates in the face of jail time. Gunner finally directs Mr. Park toward Bully Ray. Because Park doesn’t watch TNA PPV’s.

All the champions come out. To await on Hogan’s announcement. But before that we have some backstage talk with the new king of sex tapes Hogan wanting to make Hardy vs Anderson a three way and convincing RVD about taking the sweet spot. More pimping of RVD is surely on the way.


OPen Fight Night is announced. New talent will be put in the ring against anyone of thier choosing including the champions. IF they impress Hogan and his panel of judges then they get a contract. This is of course in conjuction with the Gut Check Challenge which has been around for a while. But now it will be televised. Oh and Devon will defend the TV title every week.

Team Gail (Madison, The Sitas and of course Gail) vs Team TNT(Velvet, Mickie and of course TNT) hey at least the Sarita is involved in an actual wrestling match. Well Brooke Tessmacher pins Gail setting up filler for Gail vs (shudder) Velvet which may or may not happen at Slammiversary.

Here comes Devon to defend his title against Gunner. FF because well…Gunner. Devon wins and I testify to that.

James Storm has doubts about his future after not beating Roode. Leaves the ring. I feel for him and I’m sorry about his Damn luck.

So yeah RVD beat Anderson and Hardy to become the number 1 contender for the title. After being gone for how long?

Well here’s to another transition for Impact Wrestling and to Open Fight Night. I’m actually interested in what happens next week which hasn[t been the case for a long time.




  1. I'm very interested in the idea of Fight Night and the Gut Check thing. My only concern is that this still is TNA, and they way they handled that tournament story got mangled. On paper that looked great, so you can understand my pessimism. Hopefully it works out.

  2. I hope bobbie roode wins against rvd because i feel that hardy should be the champ and i feel for aj

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