Promo starts the program, it details the events leading to Final Resolution.

Steve Borden enters the ring and calls out Bobby Roode. Explains to Roode that there will be consequences for his actions and that last week was just one punishment the next is coming up. Out comes Dixie Carter. Borden tells Roode to apologize to her. Roode rants about how Dixie sucks at her job and that she needs him as their champion. He figuratively and physically spitting on authority. Dixie is in shock, Steve chases him from the ring. So much for the age of Selfishness.

Backstage continuation where Styles throws Roode up against a wall. Steve then comes to the back to confront Roode only to be held back by Styles and Hardy.

First Match. Samoa Joe vs Abyss–

Short match that seems to be the way for Joe. Steiner distracts the referee leading to Ray hitting the Samoan with a chain. Winner Abyss. Afterword with Steiner and Ray in the ring, Abyss blackhole slams Scott leaving Ray to run from the ring.

Backstage with Karen Jarrett. She instructs Madison to take out James. Yep inept assassin #2 will so put away Super Mickie.

More Backstage with Gunner and Borden–Gunner wants a third try against Garett Bischoff. He promises no Bischoff Sr. or Flair at ringside.

Devon and the Pope call out Matt Morgan and Crimson. Devon shoots a mutual respect in ring promo but promises to take home the titles. Pope grabs the mike and shoots a heel promo…Elijah Burke all over again TNA? After saying he’ll do whatever it takes stooping to any lengths to attain it. He bumps Morgan who grabs him and beats him down. Crimson and Devon scuffle to the back. Leaving Pope alone to low blow Morgan and calls in Devon’s kids. All three beat down on him until Morgan hulks out and they flee.

Madison Rayne vs Mickie James–

Yeah a four minute filler where Rayne puts on some offense before Mickie overcomes laying out Rayne with a DDT for the win. Rocky and Bullwinkle villain extinguished. Gail comes out to show off the belts. Because its setting up for Final Resolution. You know.

Gunner and Garett pt III, and still no one cares. The people in the back care so little that Bischoff Jr. still comes out in dress pants, belt and converse all stars. Even poorly dressed Gunner who whoops on Garett until Bisch Junior pulls off a single leg pin. Beatdown after the match leading to a spiked piledriver on the concrete. Afterwords Flair and Bischoff mock an unconscious Garett who is being loaded into an ambulance.

*Special notice* When Taz and Tenay talk about fatherhood and Tenay looks annoyed by Taz and his non announcing ability. I guess it really is what you know.

James Storm confronts Angle spew some good dialogue which first seems like ass kissing. Gay reference. Storm turns his back to hit him from behind again. Mocks Angle’s catchphrase.

Devon’s Kids —- skip

Traci Brooks versus Gail Kim what was supposed to be a reenactment of the Madison Rayne/Tara match except Traci kicks out after 2. Leads to a decent match where Ms Brooks unleashes her frustrations on Gail. That is until Karen comes out distracts the referee causing Traci to be knocked out by Madison’s ill earned KO’s belt. Gail wins.

*Daniels is snarky funny, comparing RVD’s singlet to a colostomy bag was inventive.

Jeff Jarrett w Karen Jarrett/Bobby Roode versus AJ Styles/ Jeff Hardy—-Disconnected—-

Which I feel was a warning from the god’s to not spoil the ending of the pay per view. Who know but this Sunday is Final Resolution and here is too a decent 3 hr Impact.



  1. James Storm's promo was magnificent, and the high point of an otherwise skippable, if not outright painful, show. Look at his eyes during that promo, they're absolutely blazing. THIS is what happens when a wrestler is allowed to find and define his own persona, and speak from the heart instead of from a script.

    The Knockouts division is still all about Karen Jarrett. Until that changes, I do not care what happens.

    Devon's "kids" are not seven years old. That they are still being described by the announcers, and behaving, as young and impressionable children is pathetic and sad.

    Not, however, as pathetic and sad the opening segment with Dixie Carter was. Leaving the wrestling fan part of me aside for a moment, and speaking purely as a female, that segment was more offensive than the trash with the Knockouts washing cars. Dixie, the supposed head of the company and person in charge of everything, looked terrified and sad, as though she were about to burst into tears at any moment. She never said a word, and allowed Sting to speak for her. She was treated like a delicate creature in need of protection. As much as I loathe and despise Stephanie McMahon with an unholy, fiery passion of burning, there's no way that she would ever have allowed herself to be portrayed on tv as so weak, ineffective, and generally out of her element as Dixie was here. If anything, Dixie looked like a complete joke who has no business being involved with a wrestling company in any capacity. Then again, that may have been the point all along, and she just didn't realize it.

  2. I have to agree on all points with you especially with the Roode spitting on and disrespectful treatment of Dixie it just really lame to display her as clueless she needs a backbone.

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