Oh I actually find myself loving Impact Wrestling’s opener with Hogan trying to decide who should take out err on Roode for the title before he amasses the longest reigning champion title which is currently being held by AJ Styles. Outside of that the interaction between Ray, Angle Styles and Hogan with Hardy sitting on his hands (not much on mic skills) debating back and forth about who should get the shot was a breathe of fresh air. But

Then Gail Kim with the love struck Madison came out to talk about being a dominate champion only to show a shot of Angelina Love count on her hands all the times she won the title. She goes on about her one blimish being the loss to a man/woman? tag team of EY and ODB and wanting to rectify that.

I won’t go into detail lets just say that Spike must of laxed there no male on female violence stance because EY gets some body slams and headlocks on Gail and Madison before the heels win when Madison holds the legs of ODB so Gail could pin her. But again I’m confused because its Open Fight Night and when you call out someone their title has to be defended but Tenay still calls EY and ODB champions? Whats up with that?

So after RVD lost in his bid against Roode for the title, he had a smokers moment and said to himself “Hey, how was I not able to compete since Genesis?, Oh yeah some dude named Gunner was responsible.” We have him call out the Gunned one and commence to beat on each other for 5 minutes before RVD gets the win with an insane Five Star Frog Splash.

Then we step into the nepotism zone as Devon comes out and calls out Garett for a shot at the Television title. We get a mostly Devon controlled match. And in one of the most stupidly comical spot of the night Garett pulls off a swinging neckbreaker pauses and waits for the applause. Rob T and Rob E. come out an beat on them until the faces get the upper hand and embrace at the end.  YEAH! we have the continuing Robbie E saga and nepotism wrapped into the same match someone please shoot those two. (Not really because thats conspiracy to commit murder.)

Speaking of murder Joseph Parks attempt at getting Bully Ray to admitting to doing….(Abyss is alive and no longer missing..oh) in his brother Chris you know Abyss. After the Abyss reveal no matter how cool, it kind of took the air out of the story so what will be the payoff. Because Abyss is back with a warning to his brother for playing to close to the fire. Which I’m guessing is Bully Ray.  So Park wants a mock trial so the fans can have their say and Ray can be judged by a jury of his peers, the fans. Wouldn’t his peers be the locker room?

Ray beats on Parks and we solve absolutely nothing.

Then comes one of the best segments when Joey Ryan who looks like a 70’s porn star takes on his 90’s equilvalent in Aries. Good and short. The best part is when Ryan flicks his mustache sweat in Aries eyes. Aries wins with a brain buster.

World Heavyweight title time as Roode takes on AJ. After Hogan eliminated the other three throughout the night.

Roode wins. Beats AJ’s record for being the longest reigning champion in TNA history. He celebrates and Hogan the chief conspirator calls in his friend The Insane Icon Sting shouting “Its Showtime” as Sting beats on Roode and then announces the new time slot but forgets to mention it will be live which thankfully Tenay fixes and we fade out

Sting vs Roode in a Lumber jack match at the top of the live show should give a fun feel to it.

PNT NR out.



  1. To be fair, when they taped that, they didn't know they were going live on the 31st, and the Tenay part was clearly edited in later

  2. Joey Ryan and Austin Aries are too good for this company. Check out Ryan's PWG work.

  3. I enjoyed this show more than anything from the WWE this week. TNA is on one of their "good" streaks of story telling as of late. Let's hope this continues. As much as I like Ryan's past matches, for the Gut Check gimmick to work, they have to not sign everyone. Flair's controversy with him taking liberties with the vote when Silva was selected fucked this whole thing up. I want Ryan to get rejected and come back later "improved" and "earn" the spot, if you know what I'm getting at….

    I have yet to go a week and not enjoy the Joseph Park story. I don't want this to end anytime soon.

    • I freely admit that I'm probably being unfair. The fact that I don't have tv anymore, and must actually put forth effort to find and watch things like "Impact," have altered my viewing habits more than I had thought. Everything on WWE has been rather craptacular this week, I'll give you, but as far as TNA goes, a less pungent turd is still not a creme brulee.

      Part of it is that I finally gave up on TNA for good. You guys all know that I'd been an intensely dedicated follower since '04, and that if the smallest good was to be found in TNA programming, I'd hunt it down. No longer. Too many disappointments, too many times burned, too many times wondering just why I was bothering with something that demanded everything from me and gave almost nothing in return. TNA was the significant other from Hell, and like so many other fans eventually discovered, it took an unpleasant cycle of break-ups and make-ups before realizing that nothing was ever going to change, and that getting out was the only option. Anything good that TNA has happening now is too little, too late. I'm honestly not one of those people who trashes a company on the internet for the sake of her own ego, but there really is nothing on TNA that I want to see any longer. Whatever I did want to see either wouldn't happen or would be horribly misused anyway. Being fair to them takes more effort than I'm able to give right now.

      That said, you're absolutely right about Joey Ryan and the Gut Check story. That's certainly the way to go with it.

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