It’s a funny world. I found myself invited by a gentleman by the name of Dan from a place that no longer exists that podcasted with this here G about the “wrestlemans.” They are a noble crew indeed. So we decided to be smarks and whatnot and deliver something unique in the form of a… wax-cylinder recording. Podcast, if you will.

Be forewarned, this is not a traditional wrestling podcast. And it involves the always entertaining, and notorious Dan Man who just recently dived back into the suffering we call professional wrestling/sports entertainment. It’s likely not SFW. It’s not crass, but it is indeed rough and tangle. We had some fun, discussed the Royal Rumble and Monday’s RAW… as well as some of the rumours a swirling amongst the dirt sheets. It’s hosted at a place called “BTW, Actually.” Check it out…

Podcast here.

…oh right animated gif, right:


Also, a special shout out to Drow Goddess! Revelations on Eve make aspects of this podcast rather funnier now…


  1. I know it's not a RAW review, but I've got a tweet for you:'

    @JoeyStyles WWE Diva, Gail Kim choked out a male wrestler tonight on NXT. Didn't Eve Torres do that once?

  2. just got done listening and methinks that G not only did a great job, that he should invade more podcasts.

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