Welcome again folks, its your host Matt B. Wrestle and with me today is WWE former champion and current money maker of Vince’s Empire, John Cena.

Mr. U Can't C Me


M Wrestle: Hey John, so you stated in the wrestling press that the Divas are very important and how you want the fans to start a “Divas Matter” Initiative. How have you progressed?

Cena: Well, Matt for everyone out there who knows I strongly support the division and the women bust their a$$ every day to make their matches work. I believe the fans just haven’t seen how hard they work.

M Wrestle: I think the current trend of thinking is that they are a glorified bathroom break. There a mini intermission as it were.

Cena: Nothing can be further from the truth. We have plenty of new divas coming in who just need to be broken in. You don’t just come in to this business already knowing how to wrestle. They have to have a look that is marketable then the real training can begin.

M Wrestle: Because you’re in the entertainment business not the wrestling business? right?

Cena: Kinda. We still are wrestlers just look at my boy Daniel Bryan, he walks around with a shirt that says “wrestler” on it. Just go to shopWWe. com

M Wrestle: Okay. But before we go off topic your saying they have to have model bodies before being considered a viable option?

Cena: Not really true for all cases but its a start. Just look at Kharma, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Gail and Melina.

M. Wrestle: You are aware that Kharma is preggers, Melina has been fired, Natalya is pretty non existant, Gail quit in protest and Beth is jobbing to Kelly Kelly who has an inate fear of the ring ropes.

Cena: Well, I don’t know where you get your information but Kelly Kelly is not afraid of the ropes. And Beth is a heel. (rubs nose)

M. Wrestle: Problem John? Have a Pinocchio complex?

Cena: What? I’m not a wooden boy!

M Wrestle: (underbreath) So missed the point.

Cena: Huh?

M Wrestle: Nothing. Had to catch a sneeze. So should we look out for Alicia Fox, the Bella Twins and AJ to be the future of the division?

Cena: These are very talented ladies who should help bring WWe to the forefront. To one day even surpass the formers Divas of old.

M Wrestle: You mean Luna, Sable, Trish, Lita, Ivory, Jacqueline and Alundra Blaze?

Cena: Yeah, and who’s Alundra Blaze I think you’re misinformed.

M Wrestle: Yeah. I probably absently inserted a Joshi wrestler.

Cena: Joshi, what?

M. Wrestle: (rolls eyes) Moving on, what is Vince’s grand scheme for the Division?

Cena: He hoping to use them as role models for the young female fans . To be a source of pride. We have many women of different sizes in our division. (rubs his nose) Who all love one another. And respect each other.

M Wrestle: It makes sense look at the Bella Twins and former LayCool between the two they had nothing but love for Mickie James and Kharma.

Cena: Yeah?

M Wrestle: (rolls eyes in an almost Undertaker fashion)

Cena: Matt, you may want to get that checked out.

M Wrestle: Thanks John. Maybe we can go together me for my eyes and you for your nose?

Cena: Okay?

M Wrestle: Hope to see you again soon as Champion.

Next week: On the road with John Morrison.

My Name is Matt B. Wrestle, but you already know that.

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