Ever wonder what I like to watch this time of year.  I know people watch their array of Charlie Brown, Frosty, and Rudolph, but for me, I like things different.  So here much like Booker T’s Fav 5 list of the week, here is JT’s All Time Favorite Christmas Movies:

5. Scrooged- A 1980s take on a Dickens’ classic starring Bill Murray nuff said!

4.  Gremlins-  What better to find under the Christmas tree (or inside) than little green monsters that multiply when wet and reek havoc on a small town.

3.  Die Hard-  Yes this is a Christmas movie.  Many people seem to forget that John McLane is meeting his wife a a Christmas party and actually in LA to spend the holidays with his family, thus making it a christmas movie.

2.  Bad Santa (Badder in the unrated version)-  Billy Bob Thornton plays a crooked mall Santa and that’s all you need to know.  This movie is awesome though I would not watch it with the kiddies.  This one also has the late great Bernie Mac and John Ritter.

1.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-  Funny seeming as the stars of this movie are now doing Old Navy ads but nonetheless I still love this movie.  If you’ve seen the Chevy Chase Lampoon movies than you know that they all follow the same format where Clark has big plans for the vacation, everything goes wrong and he loses it but he does it best in this one:



Well that’s all folks my list of my favorite Christmas movies.  I have another holiday special that I will be doing between now and Christmas day so keep your eyes and ears open.


  1. I can't argue with any of these. I love all of them. I'd also include Billy Murray in "Scrooged" and Dennis Leary's "The Ref". As for order… that's tough. I agree with number 1, IMO.

  2. Scrooged was actually #5 but I changed it at the last minute because it's more my girlfriends favorite than mine.

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