Kamala is on Youtube discussing the charities that claim to be in place to help out older wrestlers and their health issues. Kamala has undergone two amputations of his feet, and has been unable to work as a result. Not just as a wrestler, but outside of the business as well. I am not going to editorialize here. Rather, I suggest you watch the video. He does call out most notably Dawn Marie’s Wrestling Rescue.

I do not know anything but what is shown is this video, however, I think it’s important as always to consider where you send any charitable donations. I’m poor too.

Until we hear otherwise, this is just one side of the story. Take some time to listen to a rare Kamala videocast on the topic.

[youtube IfYze8JTxm0]

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  1. I believe Kamala 100% . I have listened and watched this man in interviews in the past and he seems to have a good hart, is a hard worker and a religious man who wanted what was best for his family. He has no reason to say anything negative about anyone unless there is truth to it. . He was screwed by officials in the WWF with all his royalties for his action figures and the likes. All those royalties, that the other wrestlers collected on a monthly basis, never came to him, yet he took it in stride and didn't complain about it in order to keep his job and help his family.

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