As of yesterday. No reason has been given that I’ve found, aside from one report that “creative had no plans for him.” Not knowing why, or whether he wanted this, or anything else leaves the matter open to speculation. He has already returned to the Low-Ki name, and has an indy match booked against Amazing Red. I’m shocked and extremely disappointed until I have a reason to feel otherwise. Comment below.


  1. The dirt sheets are reporting he requested the release. I don't know more than that, obviously he may one day clarify as to why.

    Maybe we'll luck out and he'll do an interview with Colt Cabana on the Art of Wrestling podcast?

    I can't say I'm shocked he would be underutilized within the big-man fetish-focused WWE, but held onto hope. And the tendency of the WWE to attempt to bury the indie guys who come in with a name already established, is rather shameful. I held out hope that WWE would bring back a cruiser weight division (foolish, I know). If nothing else, he can brag about his success winning NXT with the absolutely worst "pros" of any rookie. I'd bet he began to see the writing on the wall that without a division or stroke with McMahon, he'd remain a jobber-to-the-midcard at best. Again, a true shame.

    Sadder? Tyler Recks is still employed. As is Chris Masters. I make no apologies saying this either.

  2. Initially when I heard about this, I must admit I was pretty damn angry. Low-Ki/Kaval has long been enjoyed by me, both on the indies and in TNA. Infact, I still have some of his TNA matches against such men as AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red on my old beat-up home computer.

    It really is unfortunate that things didn't work out in WWE for the guy. He seemed so likeable and obviously has in-ring skill by the truckload. On the flipside of this however, we all must have known that he'd never last for any real length of time in the company. WWE have long established a successful business-format based on bodies and big characters, something our hero doesn't really possess. Sure, he's athletic, not too shoddy on the mic and looks far better than the average person but in the land of the McMahons, you definitely need more.

    To be honest, I'd be happier watching him in ROH instead anyhow. I love the WWE style but enjoy watching different things when I tune into other promotions. Low-Ki is definitely something different.

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