We open on a video of Eric Appreciation night and how the faces dumped him into a port-a-pottie leaving him covered in Shite.

Flair stands in the ring and gives us that rousing title line. I couldn’t help but crack up laughing when that was said then after calling out Hogan added this line after being asked to be a judge on GutCheck, “I love hangin around the kids” Gotta love Flair when he says those lines.

Knockout title match with Gail and Madison vs Brooke and Velvet, and I have to admit that Velvet is putting forth effort. ONLY one clothesline so far. I lied there was one more. Brooke Tessmacher who is still amazing me with her advancements beats Gail with her own move.

RVD comes out to brag about who he is…I fast forward. Then I see The two Robs in a match against Devon again no less. I fast forward.

Well while watching wrestling I must have picked up on a American Idol feed, The Gut Check Challenge judges Flair, Bruce Pritchard, and oh my god Al Snow who is doing more than breaking up fights with D’lo argue over Alex Silva who is vying for a TNA contract. Reality TV in wrestling I haven’t seen that since well the 90’s.

Hogan gasses up Anderson by making his match with Roode a NO DQ. Because you know he’s Hogan and he’s impartial while giving it to the heels this time.

Jeff and RVD have a match and I really don’t care. Fast Forward. Note: Why don’t I care? well lets see both wrestlers could cut a promo if there life depended on it. And secondly they both have a predetermined set of move that they perform in a perticular sequence that just looks stale after awhile. So NO.

RVD wins. there. Jeremy Borash is talking about his hatred for Eric then Bully Ray steps out to you know bully Borash.

Austin Aries comes out to not save Borash but to get in Ray’s face. A good segment where Ray gets in his cheap shot.

Six man tag, Daniels/Kazarian/Angle vs Styles/Magnus/Joe where they tease the reveal of the evidence on AJ. But you’ll have to wait till next week. Good Match with  the faces going over.

We have the results of the Gut Check Challenge and like a bad American Idol parody we find out that Alex Silva is getting a TNA contract.

Roode and Anderson match up and I actually care about this bout. Intense and just when Roode is going to put away Anderson, Hardy comes out only to get mic checked by Anderson who in turn gets blasted with the chair leading to a fisherman buster for the win.

Besides some painful spots TNA wasn’t that bad this week. Can’t wait for the AJ reveal.


  1. The best parts of this episode, for me at least, was everything to do with Ric Flair and Bully Ray. The in ring was average, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't mind the Gut Check premise. So far, it's been a bit ambiguous. But now that the judges have been announced (which SHOULD have taken place before the contestant appeared), I think all three fit the bill. Sure it's a work, but the way this is delivered, Flair is in his niche. I am a little skeptical about signing the first guy out of the gate, but time will tell.

  2. No kidding, signing Silva hopefully doesn't backfire on them in the long run. I didn't mind it but I just felt that it should have been a separate part.

    • To make it seem special, they need to have many fail. Or at least that's my thoughts. That way when someone actually gets signed, it means something. I realize that having the first guy helps establish the whole premise, and that failing part might follow. Of course, if Silva disappears in a couple weeks (e.g. Kid Kash), it will make the GC seem like a failure.

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